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Dwarf ficus Pumila White Sani: features of indoor cultivation

Dwarf ficus, or Ficus Pumila White Sani (from the Latin Ficus pumila), belongs to the Mulberry family and under natural conditions is quite common in the forest strip in China, as well as in Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan. General information Dwarf ficus is a climbing, or ground cover, highly branched herbaceous perennial with thin lignified stems.
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Technology for growing strawberries on seedlings

In the seedling method, it is possible to cultivate not only garden crops. And no one is surprised that sometimes we grow strawberries on seedlings from the same seeds in bags as cucumbers with tomatoes. Indeed, many are interested in new varieties of this tasty and healthy berry, and sometimes it is not possible to buy ready-made sockets, and the price for them is much higher than that of seeds.
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