Potato "Velina": characteristics of the variety and features of cultivation

Potato "Velina": characteristics of the variety and features of cultivation

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Potato "Velina" is a very early and productive variety, which shows a high level of yield in most regions of cultivation of this vegetable crop.

Grade characteristics

Potato varieties "Velina" refers to the early ripe table varieties. Bushes erect. The plant is vigorous, quite well leafy. Potato tubers of equal size, medium or large, elongated oval. Covered with a smooth yellow skin, with very scattered, small, superficial eyes. The flesh on the cut is pale yellow, characterized by the optimal amount of dry matter and good taste.

The description and characteristics of this variety, declared by the originator, suggest the presence of complex resistance to late blight and major viral diseases. The value of this variety is its high productivity and very rapid tuber formation, regardless of weather factors. Plants adapt very quickly and well to various climatic and soil conditions.

Features of growing in the Rostov region

The Velina potato variety is relatively undemanding to growing conditions. It should be noted that the climatic conditions can have a significant impact on the growth and development of this vegetable crop.

The climate of the Rostov region, in its various parts, is not the same, but in general the conditions are favorable for the cultivation of agricultural products. In the northern part of the region, mainly southern and ordinary chernozems are found. In the southern part of the region, where the climate is milder and warmer, chernozems and transitional soils prevail. For growing in this area, potato varieties are best suited for cultivation in the North Caucasus region.

When cultivating the Velina variety in the Rostov Region, it is advisable to prepare the soil in the autumn. If the soil for planting potatoes was very poorly seasoned with fertilizer, as evidenced by the depressed appearance of weakened plants, then fertilizing with high-quality liquid complex fertilizers should be carried out. It is very important to combine fertilizer application with abundant watering, which makes nutrition the most affordable for the root system of plants.

At the first signs of the appearance of a Colorado potato beetle on potato seedlings, all bushes must be treated with Aktar, and the Fitosporin drug has proven itself very well as an agent for the prevention of late blight. Several times during the season, the site should be loosened, as well as the hilling of plants. A good result is shown by mulching potato crops with mowed grass.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Potato "Velina" has a very good taste. Creamy yellow flesh looks very appetizing in the form of mashed potatoes. In the process of frying and cooking, potato slices also retain their original shape quite well.

How to grow potatoes from seeds

Most often, vegetable growers grow this variety of potatoes from botanical seeds, which are sold by the Zedek agricultural firm. In the first year of cultivation in this way, the yield from each bush does not exceed 450 g. When growing potatoes of this variety from seed tubers, quite a few small but very even and smooth tubers are formed in each potato nest. The combination of quality indicators and positive reviews allows us to attribute Velina potatoes to promising varieties.