Marigolds: medicinal properties and contraindications

Marigolds: medicinal properties and contraindications

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Not everyone knows that unpretentious marigolds have medicinal properties and contraindications. Only a small number of people know how to use marigolds and drugs based on them.

Benefit and possible harm

Marigolds, possessing medicinal properties, help to cure numerous diseases, relieve the following problems:

  • pathologies associated with the pancreas (in the treatment of diabetes);
  • nervous stress, depression;
  • diseases arising from colds (extracts prepared from the flowers of marigolds have an antiseptic effect).

Their useful properties are used to enhance immunity, get rid of constipation, improve the condition of blood vessels, and normalize digestion processes. Chernobrivtsi is known to have a diuretic effect.

After conducting numerous studies, scientists discovered numerous components that confirm the beneficial properties of marigolds (myrcene, carotenoids, citral, lutein, sabinen, etc.). It is rare, unique elements that provide beneficial properties to marigolds.

Essential oil accumulates in all parts of the plant, it owes the plant a pleasant aroma with spicy notes. Oil is used in the treatment of problems associated with skin lesions (including burns, psoriasis, vitiligo, warts, scars and scars).

Traditional medicine recommends for helminthic infestations, as well as a diaphoretic, to apply an infusion of flowers daily on an empty stomach daily. With sinusitis, inhalations are made with the flowers of marigolds.

Their healing properties do not end there: to get rid of helminths (pinworms, roundworm) in folk medicine on an empty stomach it is advised to eat 5 fresh flowers daily.

With the help of a decoction, they treat diseases caused by a failure in the water-salt metabolism. It is prepared from 1 liter of boiling water and 5 flowers of marigolds, they are drunk daily for 2 months.

Marigolds: medicinal properties

The choleretic properties of marigolds have been known for a long time, the infusion of them is used for liver diseases, and in diabetes mellitus (in the initial stage) it is possible to lower the sugar content. An extract made from a plant destroys staphylococci and Candida species.

It is well known about decorative qualities, but less about insecticidal ones. Pre-dried small-colored species of marigolds are hung in a room for repelling insects. They are sown among vegetables to protect against pests.

After studying the remediation potentials, it was confirmed that marigolds are highly resistant to soil pollution with heavy metals along with calendula and oil radish.

Despite the medicinal properties, there are the following contraindications: individual intolerance (and the use of essential oil is not recommended during pregnancy).

Application in cosmetology and cooking

Useful properties of marigolds are used for cosmetic purposes: for the preparation of balms that protect the lips from the negative effects of external factors. They were highly praised in cosmetology: dried inflorescences are used to prepare lotions and lotions that have a rejuvenating effect.

Lotion is also used to treat acne. It is easy to eliminate the feeling of tightness of the skin after a bath with the help of self-prepared nourishing milk from marigolds.

In cooking, the plant is used in salads (leaves and flowers), with canning. In the East, a powder called Imereti saffron made from crushed flower baskets is very popular. Salted baskets are used as dressing for soups.

To eliminate eye fatigue, it is recommended to eat 2-3 baskets daily, adding them to the salad. This dish is very useful for eye health (especially for drivers and people whose activities are associated with a long load on vision). The content of lutein and carotenoids helps protect vision from cataracts.

The plant has a versatile effect, its use gives a good effect, learn more about which reviews help.

Valentina, 36 years old, Yekaterinburg

I love this plant and always try to grow it on my site, I like spicy aroma and often use infusion, because the properties of marigolds are useful for many health problems.

Antonina, 58 years old, Syzran

The medicinal properties and contraindications have been known for a long time, I grow seedlings myself and tell everyone what benefit from these unpretentious flowers. A neighbor suffered from gout for several years, until she began to use marigolds for treatment, the medicinal qualities of which were not widespread.

Elizabeth, 47 years old, Ivanovo

Our family has long known and often used the beneficial properties of the Chernobrivites. My grandmother told us how, in youth, marigolds were used for many diseases, the benefits were obvious, because there were no pills. And they were grown in every yard, and therefore often had to use marigolds in folk medicine.

How to plant marigolds