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Why horseradish grows with holes in leaves

Why horseradish grows with holes in leaves

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Hello! We have horseradish growing in the country, and we have 2 problems with it. 1) All its leaves grow full of holes, that is, even the smallest sprouts are already in the hole. Examined for aphids or some other pests, they were not found. What is the reason and how to get rid of it? and 2) It begins to grow very much, it spreads right across the site. How can I fence it? Fence, stones ?. Thanks in advance for your reply!


Horseradish itself is not very whimsical. Holes in leaves still spoil various types of fleas, which are easily excreted by any chemistry, but would advise using pepper-mustard infusion (for 10 liters of water, 100 grams of mustard + 50 grams of pepper) for processing, and not chemistry.