Blueberries "Erliblyu": description and agricultural technology of the variety

Blueberries "Erliblyu": description and agricultural technology of the variety

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Blueberries are unique in their characteristics. And in particular, Erliblu's blueberry, its description attracts a lot of attention from lovers of garden works.

Planting blueberries in a summer cottage requires a careful approach to choosing a specific variety of this berry crop. As you know, today's variety of breeding cultures allows gardeners to give preference to a particular variety, but the problem also lies in this. After all, it depends on what kind of berries will be selected, how much the owner will be pleased with the harvest. One of the priority varieties is the blueberry of Erliblu variety.

Grade description

Erliblu's blueberries are quite high in vitamins. This berry culture is recognized by gardeners as one of the most useful. It has long been known that blueberry fruits have unique properties, including:

  • protective effects of the fruit from radiation;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels of the circulatory system;
  • regulation of heart activity;
  • normalization of the intestinal tract and pancreas;
  • slowing down the process of nerve cell aging.

Among other things, blueberries have a number of excellent healing properties. This is an anti-zingotic and anti-inflammatory effect. Besides, Blueberry is a cardiotonic and antihypertensive agent that grows on a personal plot.

Undoubtedly, everyone knows about the benefits of blueberries for eye health. Relieving stress, blueberries along with blueberries have a beneficial effect on the process of restoration and strengthening of vision.

It is not a secret that the use of blueberries is recommended to workers whose activities are associated with harmful production conditions. This is due to the high content of pectins in blueberries, which contribute to the binding and removal of radioactive metals from the human body.

As for the external characteristics of the berry, the description should begin with the appearance of a bush.

Erliblyu blueberries have a medium-strong erect bush, the growth of which usually varies between 120-180 cm.The bush of this berry crop has a low ability to let underground buds, which, in turn, does not create additional problems with pruning the plant. But at the same time Erliblu reproduces without difficulty.

Abundant fruiting ends with a ripening period in the first half of July. From one bush, on average, you can collect about 5-7 kg of beautiful juicy berries. A single berry in diameter reaches about 1.5 cm. But it is worth noting that the berries ripening even in the second half of July and later are quite small. The fruits are collected in long open brushes, so they are very convenient to collect.

In general, we can say that the taste qualities of this particular variety of blueberries have average characteristics. The fruits stay for a long time on a branch, even after full ripening, they do not immediately fall.

The main market value in the first place is the early ripening of blueberries. Storage and long transport is not the best way affect the condition of the berries.

How to grow blueberries

Features of growing blueberries

Erliblyu blueberries, like other varieties, love well-lit and sun-warmed places. Shading will reduce the sweetness of the berry and a general decrease in yield. Besides, there is a chance of increasing the sensitivity of blueberries to frost.

The soil where blueberries are planted should be well drained, as the bush does not tolerate stagnation of water. The acidity of the soil must be high, otherwise the berry culture will simply die.

If soil acidity is reduced, several methods can be used to increase it. One of them is to water the soil around the bush with a solution of acetic acid. To do this, 0.1 l of acetic acid is diluted in 10 l of water. This method must be applied no more than 1 time in 4-5 years.

Planting blueberry seedlings also requires compliance with certain conditions. IN in particular, deepening a seedling when planting in the soil must be done to a depth of about 6-8 cm.

Since blueberry berries require pollination, it is recommended that gardeners plant at least two different varieties of this berry crop on the site. In addition, such a measure will have a beneficial effect on the size of the fruit itself, since cross pollination contributes to an increase in fruit size. By the way, planted on a plot of 3 or 4 different varieties of blueberries will become for each other a kind of support, and this, in turn, will reduce the risk that plants will freeze in winter.

Gardeners, both beginners and experienced, should pay attention to the fact that the nutrient medium for one bush should have an area of ​​at least 1.5-2 sq.m. That is why the distance from one bush of Erliblyu blueberries to another should be at least 1.5 m.

Watering the plant is done at least 2 times a week. At the same time, one bucket of water should be poured on one bush of an adult plant in the morning and the same amount in the evening, that is, 2 buckets of water per day. Watering should be monitored especially carefully in July-August. This time is characterized by abundant fruiting and the laying of new flower buds. It is clear that the yield of the next year also depends on this. If during this period the plant will suffer from a lack of moisture, then next year you can not expect a high yield of blueberries.

Erliblu blueberries are highly resistant to lower temperatures, including frost.

Therefore, if gardeners notice a freezing of new young shoots, then do not panic. In most cases, the plant is able to recover quite quickly.

Blueberry: variety selection

In general, growing blueberries does not bring any noticeable trouble to gardeners. In addition, Erliblu blueberries can serve as a wonderful decorative element of any garden or summer cottage.