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Maintenance and care of ducks and chickens

Maintenance and care of ducks and chickens

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Hello, I want to take the goslings! Tell us what, how and when to feed, how to contain? And about the chickens, please tell


Oh. For me it's better to smoke) to take. We had geese, we made a promise not to take it anymore, they had so much fuss with them, there was a lot of dampness in their stable, their eggs were harsh for me, and then it was a pity for my husband to chop meat, their eyes were smart. But we don’t know the trouble with chickens. Beauty 🙂 already hold 20 pcs, plus 7 chickens grow up)

I’m dreaming of mullards, but it’s painfully expensive. Maybe I'll take it next year. I also want reviews about them)

We have ducks. So the husband also said we don’t want to kill these people anymore, it hurts smart. When they go to chop, they hide. Understand

I do not advise geese, a very clever bird, you can’t score, if only for the sake of scenery, but they are very noisy. Gusaks are also very aggressive, and when a goose is furious it is difficult to calm him down) Better than a chicken, I’ll say that there is no bird better, my husband and I cannot get enough of our chickens. And with them just all there are no special secrets, to look after, clean the chicken coop, to collect fresh water and feed in moderation.

Here for friends in a week we got how many testicles were presented, and we have only 11 of them. This is not counting how much we ate) The beauty

Yes, with geese it's definitely a bunch of hassle

Wow! and how to feed them?

I wouldn’t take them now in incubators; they will not reheat them from eggs by 1, 2 before they will be of little use. If you want to take any bird better in April to the end of May

I would not say if you have grass on the site, then there are no problems

And I throw the grass after weeding and don’t sort it out with food, I have a river across the road but I don’t let them out, because there is every kind of living creature there.

We feed with grain (wheat, corn), mix feed, waste from vegetables and fruits (except for beets), but not every day, otherwise they will be overweight. And weed weed. And most importantly, clean water (we use rainwater). Well, sometimes I let out a couple of chickens in the garden to dig up the worm and slugs, but I look at them, otherwise they will tear all the beds.