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Is it possible to plant a stepson after he gives roots

Is it possible to plant a stepson after he gives roots

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Good morning everyone. Friends, I read somewhere that stepsons can be put in a glass of water, they will take root, and they can be planted. Question: I don’t remember which stepsons from a tomato or from cucumbers?


From tomato

Tomatoes are generally tenacious - you put broken into the ground - it will take root

From cucumbers you can also


And those and others are possible, you only need to be aware of whether they have time to mature before the end of the season

Well they bloom maybe a couple of weeks later, and almost like a mother plant

Then super! It seemed to me that 3-4 weeks would be required

I said that it all depends on maternal oasthenia, will lag behind him for a couple of weeks

From tomato. I planted one and already have a tomato on it)

I also cut off stepsons, it was a pity to throw out! Put in the water. Then I planted it. I'll see what happens!

Thanks to all.