We increase strawberry productivity in home gardening

We increase strawberry productivity in home gardening

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Strawberries are the popular name for plants and berries of garden strawberries. The well-known name for berry culture was due to the spherical, or rounded, appearance of the fruit.

Botanical Description

Leaves of a triple type, complex shape. They are located on long stems, the height of which can reach 8-10 cm. Creeping shoots are characterized by the ability to root. The root system of the fibrous type, with a depth of 20-25 cm. The inflorescences are represented by a multi-flowered scutellum. The flowers are located on long peduncles extending from the root neck of the plant. The berries are complex, or prefabricated.

The characteristics and indicators of the crop depend on the varietal characteristics of strawberries. When choosing a variety, you should familiarize yourself with its description, characteristics and reviews about it by experienced gardeners. It is important to choose zoned varieties that will show the highest result in home garden cultivation.

Best KSD Strawberry Varieties

The most high-yielding varieties of berry culture of single fruiting relate to varieties of short daylight hours (KSD). KSD strawberries form a large and high-quality crop, but only once a year. Such berry culture differs from repair varieties with smaller berries. It is noted that strawberries of these varieties have sufficiently developed whiskers, which facilitates the reproduction of plants.

Strawberries: variety selection

Strawberry KDS is represented by early, mid-early, mid-ripening, as well as late varieties, among which there are very promising for growing in many regions of our country.

Grade nameRipening periodPlant descriptionBerry characteristicFeatures
HoneyUltra earlyErect and dense, has a strong root systemLarge, conical, dark red, glossy, weighing up to 50 gThe variety was bred by American breeders and combines high yield with excellent taste of berries.
KimberlyEarlyLow, squat, powerful enough and strongLarge, conical, dark red, glossy, weighing up to 50 g, with a light caramel flavor and pleasant aromaFrom the Dutch breeders. Differs in high marketability
"Crown"Mid earlySmall, medium leafy, open, with powerful pedunclesMedium or large size, dark red color with a slight sheenDutch is a very productive and unpretentious variety. Good frost resistance
"Elsanta"MiddleA rather large bush with large leavesMedium or large size, dense texture, dessert flavor, regular shapeOne of the sweetest varieties bred in the Netherlands
"Bohemia"Medium latePowerful, erect, with large leaves and compact inflorescencesLarge, conical, neckless, dark red, glossy, weighing up to 24 gReceived by VSTISP specialists and belongs to universal
AdriaLateMedium growth, well developed, with dark green foliageLarge, very juicy and aromatic, weighing up to 42 gA popular and sustainable Italian variety with excellent quality and high yield.
"Malvina"Very lateStrong-growing, strong, with dark green glossy leavesLarge, bright cherry in color, weighing up to 40-45 gGerman high mobility grade

The best large-fruited varieties

A feature of the best large-fruited strawberry varieties is the formation of a berry several times larger than the fruits of standard varieties, while the taste of garden strawberries is at a high level. The highest yield of such plants is observed in the second year after planting.

Grade nameRipening periodPlant descriptionBerry characteristicFeatures
"Chamora Turussi"Late ripeningVery powerful plants and developed pedunclesLarge, with excellent tasteEven on poor soils forms a high yield
"Kamrad the winner"Mid-seasonTall, densely leafy, with leaves of dark green color, peduncles above the leavesDark red stain with high gloss, high sugar contentGerman variety with high yield and excellent quality
Humi GrandeMid-seasonPowerful enough, with large leavesIntensively colored, sweet, with juicy and fragrant fleshSustainable German variety with strawberry berry flavor
GoldMid-seasonLarge bushes with large horns and a powerful root systemLarge, pinkish red, fragrant, weighing up to 100 gThe variety can be cultivated in one place for at least eight years.
"Primella"Mid-seasonPowerful and highly branched, with a very developed root systemVery large, sweet, aromatic, with a pronounced pineapple flavorDutch popular variety with high yield and extended ripening

The best repairing grades of NSD

You can achieve high yields with every hundred berry plantings when growing neutral daylight strawberries (LSD). The best remontant varieties of strawberries differ from traditional varieties not only in large crops, but also in high yields and transportability of the harvested crop.

Grade nameRipening timePlant descriptionBerry characteristicFeatures
San AndreasMedium ripeningPowerful berry bushes with average indicesLarge-sized, glossy, with a harmonious taste, average weight up to 30 gFrom American breeders. It has a high level of return of marketable berries to the first wave of fruiting
"Bourbon"Ultra earlyTall, medium leafy, with straight growing pedunclesLarge, regular elongated conical shape, bright red, glossy, with a pleasant and harmonious tasteVariety from French breeders, different constancy of fruiting
"Linosa"EarlyMedium growth, with medium density leavesLight red with a very bright and uniform surface colorItalian industrial variety adapted for cultivation in our country
CapriEarly ripeningMedium Growth, with Average ThicknessThey have the correct conical shape, large sizes, have an external appealVariety from Italian breeders, characterized by continuous fruiting, winter-hardy and disease resistant
MontereyEarly ripeWell developed, with numerous pedunclesCone-shaped, with juicy and sweet fleshBred in California, has good performance.

Productivity Secrets

To improve the quality and quantity of the berry crop, it should be remembered that the most powerful and productive mustache strawberries in the first year of fruiting. Experienced gardeners share the secrets of strawberry cultivation, which can significantly increase the yield of berry crops:

  • plants of neutral daylight berry crops should be replaced annually, and long daylight garden strawberries can be grown without loss of yield for three years;
  • high productivity of the crop involves growing on fertile soils, high quality fertilizers;

  • harvested varieties are required to be grown exclusively on flat and well-lit areas, clear of any weed vegetation;
  • high-quality top dressing and watering must be supplemented by regular loosening of the soil and the removal of excess mustaches, which can reduce the quantity and quality of the crop;
  • despite high rates of resistance to major diseases and plant parasites, strawberry plantings need timely preventative treatments;
  • harvesting should be regular, the berries should not be allowed to over-ripen, as in this case there is an overspending of nutrients.

Strawberry: growing and care

Gardeners should remember that the highest yields are in the remontant varieties of strawberries, which are able to bear fruit twice or more during one growing season.


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