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How to mulch hard ground

How to mulch hard ground

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Please advise, I planted a small garden with flowers. But we have hard earth (loam). I read that it is necessary to mulch. I don’t know where to start and how to make mulch.


It is very good to mulch the mowed grass, it is already ready for use. It is possible and sawdust, and pine litter.

Mulch must be treated carefully, it can harm plants. The layer should not be large, well dried. If it rains, then it is necessary to stir up, so as not to rot. Lay the layer and let it dry. Once dry, you can put a little more. Litter acidifies the soil, so it is better for strawberries or hydrangeas.

Also loam, mulched with mowed, dried grass. Nothing rots, after watering and raining, it is absolutely ABSOLUTELY nothing to stir and dry; Last fall (before winter), all flower beds fell asleep with fresh sawdust, a layer of about 3-4 cm. In the spring, did not clean. Everything grows and blooms perfectly. Gradually, slightly loosening, t, to, a crust appears, sawdust mixed with the ground and loosened.

Who is this under your caps? Cabbage?

Not. These are roses in the fall. I showed one flower garden last fall and this spring. Now there is a viola rampage and roses are gaining color.


We mulch only the warmed earth. And only rasploryvat. Lulled. Mulch. Hay. Straw. Grass. Sawdust is just not fresh. Coniferous needles. The husk of seeds. In general, everything that worms can process can be done. And that does not harm the plant. Like for example fresh sawdust. Sawdust must be matured. Darken.

Forgot about black non-woven fabric

Thanks a lot to everyone, took note.

And I do not like the mulled flowerbed, like a windbreak. I would add peat for friability or garden soil from packages. For beds, yes, for flower beds - no. Maybe my opinion is subjective, but flowers are everything for me, and everything should be beautiful there, and not overwhelmed with grass. Sorry if that is not so expressed.

The third year with fresh sawdust, and everything is fine! They are not recommended for digging, nitrogen is pulled out, like, and on top it is possible. Although I dug up fresh ones, I did not see the difference. And I mulch with fresh grass, I don’t dry, everything is fine too! Many are “afraid” of fresh sawdust and freshly cut grass, but in vain! Verified on your own site! The main thing is to do everything with your head.

Peat dries quickly, torment watering. I tried it once, and abandoned this idea forever. In the heat, the root overheating also goes. But sawdust and grass are the best option. And moisture is stored for a long time.

May be. I do not use sawdust. Freshly cut grass yes. And then. It depends on what kind of tree. The husband sawed firewood. Where was the grass turned yellow.

What kind of arch are we talking about? Opium? Weather tree !? Sorry, I didn’t quite understand your French. What are you about!?

Awful like my Chinese. I am writing from the phone. Koment edited. The phone hesitated. Fixes

Above is a photo of my flowerbed. Sawdust fresh from a sawmill. I think that the conifers (they say that they are the “death” of the elders). As you can see, green flowers. Tulips have fabulously faded, compared to unswitched sawdust last year. Now the viola is carpeted in their place. Seeds collected from faded and scattered just on the ground. Then she decided to fill up the flower bed with sawdust (end of August). Even now I see the difference in soil. It became much looser (I have clay, I could not make holes with a scoop, only a shovel to help). Sawdust gradually mixes with the earth when loosening. I am pleased with the results. This year, I won’t stop at the sawmill, the car is constantly under eyeballs.

You add to tomatoes. Cucumbers And so on. P. We do not have a sawmill nearby. I have rabbits. Mulching the bedding :-).

They did not have enough to mulch. She covered tomatoes and cucumbers with grass and hay. She covered strawberries with sawdust, and dug up beds with fresh sawdust under cucumbers with tomatoes from autumn.

This year I have cucumbers under a “hay coat” with droppers

I have everything in the same bed of rabbits :-). Gold and not manure. The earth after it is friable. And there are not so many sawdust to try. Who is handy 🙂

I collected second-hand sawdust from a domestic rabbit all winter. In the bag, and in the garage. Even in the purchased soil for seedlings added. Indeed, rabbit waste is “gold.”


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