Strawberry variety "Arosa": characteristics and reviews

Strawberry variety "Arosa" ("Arosa") bred by Italian breeders and belongs to the category of mid-season. Originator are the Italian experimental stations CIV. The variety was obtained by crossing the Marmolada cultivar with the American Chandler cultivar.

The first fruiting of garden strawberry "Arosa" occurs in mid-June. Due to the slow ripening of berries, the harvest is carried out once a week.

Description and varietal characteristics

Bushes of strawberries or garden strawberries "Arosa" are small, moderately sprawling. Inflorescences are located slightly above the leaves. Berries of orange-red color, with a shiny and very attractive surface. The average mass of marketable berries is 28-40 g. Taste good.

Ripe pulp is sweet and juicy, with a slight wine aftertaste. Average yields in compliance with agricultural technology reach 220 c / ha. The variety is characterized by sufficient winter hardiness. A high level of transportability allows the cultivation of this garden strawberry of foreign selection as a commercial variety.

Harvest strawberries: varieties and planting dates

Landing requirements

It is very important to choose the right site for planting garden strawberries and perform the procedure itself:

  • it is best to place seedlings in an open and even space, away from fruit and berry plantations that create shade;
  • strawberry grows well and abundantly bears fruit when grown on flat or with a slight slope of the southern areas, protected from through wind and flooding by ground or melt water;
  • sandy or medium loamy soils with neutral acidity are suitable for strawberries;
  • the landing area must undergo a preliminary deep digging and complete removal of weed vegetation;

  • the best predecessors for garden strawberries are legumes, onions, garlic, carrots and celery;
  • nutrient mixture based on humus, peat and mineral fertilizers should be introduced into pre-prepared landing holes;
  • The root system of the plant immediately before planting is recommended to be lowered into an earthenware mash;
  • in the process of planting, roots should be carefully spread out along a copiously moistened hole;
  • after the garden strawberry is planted, it should be abundantly irrigated, and then the berry plantings should be mulched.

Experienced gardeners advise planting strawberry seedlings on non-woven material. RThe recommended scheme for planting garden strawberries in one row suggests a distance of 45-50 cm between plants and rows. Planting strawberries in two lines with a distance of 30-35 cm is allowed. In any case, you should focus on the size of the planting material and the convenience of servicing the berry plantation.

Care Features

To get abundant productivity and high productivity of garden strawberry varieties "Arosa", It is very important to observe the growing technology:

  • in spring, dry foliage should be collected with a fan rake and burned, and all dead, sick and weak plants should be replaced with new seedlings;
  • it is necessary to carry out loosening of the soil between the rows, as well as spraying berry bushes with insectofungicidal agents;
  • should regularly carry out the removal of mustaches from plants that are not intended to produce seedlings;
  • watering should be carried out as the soil dries up, avoiding excessive waterlogging of the site;
  • during the growing season, fertilizers are applied several times, the composition of which depends on the type of soil and the stage of development of the berry culture.

Tips and reviews of gardeners

Strawberry variety "Arosa" refers to varieties of short daylight hours and can be used as an industrial one. According to the reviews of summer residents, the berries are very even and dense, the bushes are very beautiful and lush. The color of the strawberries is red-orange, and the taste is characterized as neutral, sour-sweet.

For this variety, according to the observations of experienced gardeners, a very good growth force of the bushes and the formation of a sufficient amount of planting material are characteristic. In terms of plant appearance and sustainability indicators, the Arosa garden strawberry variety very much resembles another Italian strawberry variety that is well known in our country - Cleri.

How to plant strawberries

Garden strawberry "Arosa" belongs to very unpretentious foreign varieties that are perfectly adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of Russia and have already managed to establish themselves well both in farms and in home gardening.