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What fertilizers are applied after harvest

What fertilizers are applied after harvest

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Dear gardeners, please tell us, after harvesting in August-September-October, what and how to process, what fertilizers to apply?


Plant green manure.

As soon as the beds are released, immediately sow the green manure. Leave them in the winter, they will rot and replenish the supply of food in the soil. You can make manure.

Sow mustard and phacelia in a mix

and how many times they advised me not to interfere with the planting of mustard and phacelia ... to plant everything separately

and what will happen if mixed? I have a neighbor in the country so plants and advised me here

probably nothing will be fatal ... honestly, I don’t know

but maybe just phacelia will drive away all the zhrunov from mustard !!! A good idea!

or maybe it's just late blight and you need to burn it ????

I hope it was a joke?

AFTER HARVEST COLLECTION !!! fungicides depending on the culture (copper-containing, except for the Bordeaux mixture, which cannot be interfered with with anything, and if not in the tank mixture, then it is also possible) + ecofus late August to early September