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How to grow hydrangeas with mauve flowers

Dear gardeners! I saw a photo of hydrangeas with pink and purple flowers. Who has this happened? Share your experience!


I planted it this spring. I still don’t really know how to look after her further. Do faded balls cut off?

oh and I would read. And if possible, write the names of the varieties of your flowers, I'm just starting to breed hydrangeas, I have 2 pcs. just want to buy varieties that are more tenacious so to speak for my region (central Ukraine)

you have large leaf hydrangea. It is considered the most moody. Faded balls need to be cut, the rest cannot be well covered for the winter

here is my beauty. on the first photo is hydrangea during a purchase this spring. on the second - it’s now, the second time it blooms this year. I read that it was necessary to cut off the inflorescences, but I regretted one and left.

thanks! And cut off immediately as it faded or in the fall?

And this is the second, simple, but also very beautiful and very tall.

Is it green all year round in a pot?

I bought it in a pot, but they told me that it was a garden, and I was looking for a garden, so now it’s in my garden, I fertilize it every 2 weeks, I think I’ll cover it for the winter, although they said in the store that it’s possible with our winters not harbor, but I will be safe.

in the fall. It will bloom almost to the cold. Just cover well, the main thing is to keep the core

Yes, of course, this is all well and hydrangeas are incomparable, but I have not received an answer to my question. I would be grateful if someone writes specifically about the color change of hydrangeas.

here I found the info on your hydrangea- As a rule, faded inflorescences are removed from shrubs of these varieties, otherwise new flowers will appear too late. That is, if you cut off the first faded inflorescences, the plant will bloom again, and will decorate your garden with its chic, imposingly swaying caps in the wind of inflorescences. I think that in the summer it’s worth picking up garden shears.

I could not repaint. White.

Did nothing: 1 photo of last year, 2 of this

I think the current weather influenced, fed urea once in the spring, but put onion husks in autumn. Maybe it affected

only pink hydrangea changes color. White will never turn blue

Thank you! There are already those that have faded. I will delete it. Maybe the truth will still bloom!

I bought pink and blue For two years in a row they were frozen to the ground, then one started to grow actively ... but the color ... alas ... became just white

Yes, I read that only large-leaved pink changes color and read how I want to hear the experience of the one who was doing it. Did you do that?

Hello! Here's what I found on the Internet for color changes in hydrangeas ...

No, I didn’t. I do not want to spoil, I like pink more. Yes, and it is painted unevenly

Sorry to be here. Help recognize the flower. About a meter high.

only faded hydrangea inflorescences are cut directly under the inflorescence itself.

understandably. Thanks!)

it may come in handy: How to get lilac and blue flowers from hydrangeas Many people know that the color of hydrangea flowers can be changed. However, it should be noted that not all varieties can be stained. In addition, much depends on the soil on which hydrangea grows. Alum will help. You can paint in blue almost any variety whose flowers are white. Lilac hydrangeas will be obtained by coloring pink varieties. Aluminum ammonium or potassium alum, which are sold in hardware stores, will help change the color of plants. In order to color hydrangeas, they are watered every 10 days with a 0.3 or 0.5% solution of one of these substances. The color depends on the soil. The acid-base reaction of the soil can be determined by the color of hydrangea inflorescences. On soils with a slightly alkaline reaction, plants will bloom with pink flowers, on acidic soils - blue and even blue. Accordingly, if you prepare the substrate in advance and choose the right place for planting hydrangea, you can get the desired color of its flowers without the use of special preparations. Hydrangeas grown on land rich in iron salts will easily change color. To enrich the soil with them, it is enough to use iron chelate (fertilizer). It will help to get a blue color in hydrangeas and coal ash. It is added to the substrate, consisting of garden and heather land (all components in equal proportions). Note to the grower: For good hydrangea growth, fertile soil with an acid reaction is required (especially if these are plants with white or blue flowers). When planting hydrangeas, lime or ash should not be added to the soil. The plant is also required for irrigation: the water should be soft, not containing calcium. You need to feed the plant with ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate and superphosphate. During the period of active growth of the shrub, it is advisable to make fertilizers containing nitrogen, and before flowering - phosphorus or potassium. In September, feeding should be stopped, and watering should be reduced. From this time, hydrangea begins to prepare for a period of rest.

I have 2 hydrangeas, one is greenish-white (paniculate), and the second is Goliath, with huge inflorescences that first are white, and then turn from light pink to bright purple) sorry, no photo ... But soon they will))

Girls, what kind of hydrangea do I have? In the fall, the neighbor gave ... She does not bloom, but I have a little sm15 cm from the ground already in bloom)))

similar to tapinambur - if the roots are like tubers (eat with sugar diabetes)

Color transformations are possible only on large-leaved hydrangea! On hydrangea tree-like, which is similar to large-leaved, the color of inflorescences does not change. You need to know what type of hydrangea you have!

won't bloom.

macrophile, she is large-leaf hydrangea. The neighbor does not bloom because she, the neighbor, does not preserve last year's shoots of the bush. You have bloomed, because there was already a flower bud on the rooted cuttings.