Description of the tomato variety Emperor F1, its yield

Description of the tomato variety Emperor F1, its yield

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Tomato Sovereign F1 - the dream of gardeners. This lettuce tomato grows outdoors. Early ripening, yield and taste delight summer residents. In July, fresh aromatic tomatoes are on the table.

What is the reason for the choice?

The breeders of the Poisk agrofirm have developed a line of lettuce tomatoes. Gardeners prefer the Tsar because of his technical data. People want to get a guaranteed harvest with a minimum of labor costs.

Characteristics and description of the hybrid:

  • ripens early (from germination to sample harvest 100 days);
  • designed for cultivation in unheated greenhouses and open field;
  • tomato limited in growth (on street beds the height of the bush is 0.9 m);
  • the color of the tops is dark green;
  • medium-sized leaf plates;
  • forms 4 clusters on each stem.

The plant does not require formation. The sovereign is resistant to the growth of green mass. With proper agricultural technology, it pleases with a yield of 16 kg / m².

Gardeners note the sovereign's resistance to the pillar, TMV, alternaria. Rapid ripening "takes away" the plant from phytophthora. The tomato is included in the State Register of Vegetable Crops of the Russian Federation. Recommended for growing in private plots and in small gardens.

What attracts the sovereign's berries?

The description of the early tomato variety promises baskets of dead fruits. But the taste is sour, the flesh is rather dry. The Emperor gives out lettuce tomatoes with juicy, sugary pulp. Distinctive features of berries:

  • shiny, smooth to the touch;
  • ovoid with a drop-shaped gathering;
  • weight up to 180 g;
  • juicy, fleshy pulp;
  • high sugar content (5% higher than normal);
  • berries in consumer ripeness are yellow-red;
  • 8-9 seed chambers;
  • bright, "tomato" aroma;
  • dense skin.

Gardeners note the transportability of mature fruits. Tomatoes are transported to the place of sale or storage without losing marketability. Green berries ripen in the house. Ripe berries are stored without a refrigerator for up to a month.

Gardeners cut tomatoes into salads, eat them whole. Substandard fruits are used to make juices, ketchups. Canned food tastes sweet.

How do you get what you want?

Gardeners select seeds by reading the description on the bag. But the specified yield can be achieved subject to the rules of cultivation. The size and shape of tomatoes depends on the growing conditions.

Breeders recommend:

  • forcing seedlings should be done on March 15-25;
  • disinfect the trays with a pink solution of potassium permanganate;
  • seedling soil should be light and fertile;
  • deepen the seeds into the ground by 1–1.5 cm;
  • before germination, maintain a temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius;
  • reduce the temperature after pecking to 18 degrees Celsius;
  • plants need to be hardened, ventilated, illuminated;
  • dive into separate cups after the appearance of two true leaves;
  • the landing site must be prepared in advance (loosen, add the nitrogen-potassium-phosphorus mineral complex);
  • place on permanent beds after returnable spring frosts;
  • to strengthen the plants, add double superphosphate during planting (1 tablespoon under the bush);
  • for the first three days, shade the planting from the sun with a white non-woven material;
  • bushes require a garter: the plant overloads itself with fruits;
  • to retain moisture, it is recommended to mulch the soil with rotted organic matter, dark non-woven material;
  • water sparingly: after complete drying.

Experienced gardeners are advised to regularly loosen the ridges. This provides gas exchange, improves the structure of the soil. This treatment replaces watering.

The plant is sensitive to sunlight. Planted in partial shade, the Sovereign produces sour, tough fruits.

Expert review

Gardeners give good reviews about the tomato Emperor F1. They like: the purpose of using the fruit, the sugary pulp, transportability. Keeping quality and the ability to ripen have earned respect. I was pleased with the resistance to a complex of diseases.

The difficulty was caused by the need to cover plantings during short-term cold snaps. This was marked with a minus sign by summer residents who rarely visit the plots.

On the forums, gardeners compare the tomatoes Tsar and Tsar Peter. This is a large-fruited variety of medium early ripening tomato (110 days from stitches to harvest). Fruits are deep red, fleshy, flattened. The sugar content in the juice is increased. The skin is firm. The purpose of use is universal. The yield of the Tsar is 11 kg / m².

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