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Do I need to cut the tails of cucumbers and pierce the tomatoes for assorted

Do I need to cut the tails of cucumbers and pierce the tomatoes for assorted

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Tell me, please, do I need to cut the tails of cucumbers and pierce the tomatoes with a toothpick for assortment?


I cut the ponytails so that it was aesthetically pleasing, I don’t pierce the tomatoes. She left the cucumbers a couple of times, there was no time, the taste has not changed, the view is just like pigtails

Thank you so much

Louise, thanks for the recipe, according to your recipe I played it yesterday!

Gardeners, please! I put anything, what a mood! Currant leaves, cherries, horseradish leaves, garlic, peppercorns, there is a desire horseradish root heap, I clean and put in a small jar. By the way, with horseradish root, everyone likes it most

By the way, I want to add cloves, I do not want to - I will not add! We are gardeners, the nature is fickle, we do everything according to our mood

I’m for canned ones, I don’t cut ponytails, well, a drop from the side of the pedicle, and pierce it with nada so that the skin does not burst, but this does not always help, it depends on the variety.

Where can I see the recipe? want to do too

And I have a problem! Banks began to “shoot with cucumbers !: -: (there is a heat for 33 and I live in an apartment, there’s nowhere to hide them. Already 5 cans have thumped!

By the way, according to my recipe does not shoot, try it! We also have 33 degrees heat and for a long time it will be so

Already found a recipe without me 🙂

And where is your recipe: (if not a secret

I’m doing exactly that. But half shot!

Do you have only cucumbers or tomatoes? That year I conducted an experiment, made a prescription for a friend, the banks were cloudy on the third day, there were assorted dishes, I opened them, I made ketchup from tomatoes, and the chic was made from pickled tomatoes. And cucumbers in the freezer for pickle, for main dishes, in the basics. Then already all summer she did in her own way and did not set experiments

I have only cucumbers. And the neighbor said. That it was necessary to put one tomato there.

But what if I boil again and spin it again? cans of treshka with thread cap.

Thank you, I found! The husband does not eat with vinegar, but the children love.

Galina, try to pierce cucumbers with a sharp knife in the middle before putting them in a jar. Cucumbers 1 time pour boiling water in a jar until it cools and drain the water away, then twice with brine and will stand in the apartment and in the heat.

I didn’t do it because I didn’t encounter this problem while doing my proportions all is well

Instead of vinegar, citric acid. Very good and never explode.

Can anyone come in handy?

Good day. Can I have a recipe too?

Thanks. It’s very tiring - three times to boil everything! but what to do? have to! Better than losing all the cucumbers!

Please tell me to poke cucumbers in the middle, it's like, I did not quite understand. And for what purpose they poke) :-).

In some cucumbers there are voids and in the people there is a CONFIDENCE that this air from the voids then leads to the fact that the cans with cucumbers explode. Therefore, the cucumbers are pre-soaked in cold water or straight through the middle with a thin sharp knife, I will pierce the cucumbers and into the jar so that the air-air bubbles come out. Pour boiling water for the first time and hold until you can pick up a can with your bare hands and drain the water away. The second time I fill it with brine and stand for a while and pour it and boil again. Then I fill in the cucumbers for the third time and add 70% vinegar to the jar and roll the jars. Pah pah not a single take off and stand in an apartment. LONG, BUT - RELIABLE. I put horseradish root, a little carrot at the bottom of the jar, cut the garlic and, if desired, laurel, cloves, pepper, all the leaves of cherries, currants, grapes and dill I put only in the brine.

I didn’t understand why 3 times to overboil everything. Those banks in which the cucumbers exploded, I would have washed several times with KIPYATK at first everything contained in the banks, and then poured the first brine and this brine, and the second time it filled the brine and added vinegar. IF THE COVER IS WEAK, THEN YOU CAN LAY UNDER THE COVER on the cling film and will stand well. Good luck!

Tatyana, I don’t quite understand all the same, in the middle, it’s like that or from the tips. We sometimes have cucumbers being eaten empty inside, with salting, it can help.

Do not cut, but simply pierce in the middle. Here's how to pierce through the picture and that's it.

Well. Thank you so much! already started to redo everything. And today again 12 kg gathered new cucumbers. : (I’m not happy with them.

I also think where to go. Heat above 30 degrees. So salads would be wound, but I don’t want to fry. While distributing.

I also give out. And I think, why did you plant so much?

Always like that, I make a cucumber, only with a fork from the sides, I pierce twice. Cucumber warms up faster, and if there are voids, then gaziks will come out quickly, as a rule, they will bomb, and another 1-2 tabs of aspirin in the marinade (On a 3 liter jar) puts an end to any subversion. The taste is not affected. Everything else is according to your recipe.