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Is it possible to grow a cedar from a seed

Is it possible to grow a cedar from a seed

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Is it possible to grow a cedar from a seed?


It is possible, but growing for a long time, we have a lot of self-sowing in the garden

In the Internet they write that it is possible.

they gave us cedric as a self-propelled plant .... so for some reason after 3 years it turned into a Christmas tree ((((

This happens?

then you gave the tree

I bought a pine cone, sowed in the winter, but not everyone came up, then they began to fall out from the black leg, then some did not survive the winter, as a result there were only two. It’s necessary to prepare the nuts before sowing, although my friend sowed and the result was better, even distributed seedlings.

Seeds are nuts or ...?

Yes exactly

I stumbled upon a torn cedar in the forest and transplanted it into the garden (everyone said that it would not survive) in the garden, but I climbed out anyway, it grew well. Then, when the construction began on the site (well, they did not know that it was growing there, I also planted a shade near the fence) and covered it with sand. He broke ... then completely died. Planted a shoot of 20-25 cm rose to 60-70

It is possible, but very troublesome, and it’s better to plant in the winter. And do not transplant, because does not tolerate transplantation. Samosev has been growing for 2 years. The place is unsuccessful, but do not touch.

Thank you all !!! for your feedback. We will try)))