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How should beets grow

How should beets grow

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Hello. Please tell me the answer to the next question. Now, if the potato has a green peel, then it is impossible to eat, because some kind of poison is formed there, as I understand it, due to an excess of ultraviolet radiation. And if almost all beets are above the surface of the earth, and not inside it, then it turns out that it also receives ultraviolet light, but since it is red by itself, this excess is not visible. Is it possible to eat such beets? How correctly, after all, should it grow in the ground or on top? Thanks.


I always plant beets on the side of the beds on which I grow onions and herbs. It can be planted with seeds or seedlings. Depth of planting seeds is about 2 or 3cm. As the beets grow, it begins to rise above the garden. Unlike potatoes, noxious corned beef is not formed in it. Therefore, such beets are not harmful, but on the contrary, the more it consumes the sun, the more it becomes sugar. If the beets grow in the ground, it will simply not be tasty, but in order for root crops to grow large, it needs to be thinned out.