Instructions for the use of the herbicide Deimos and consumption rates for weed control

When growing crops, it is impossible not to encounter any diseases. You can cope with them with the help of the herbicide "Deimos". The drug is used primarily for processing grain crops.

Composition and release form of the drug "Deimos"

The herbicide is a systemic drug. It is used to control annual and some biennial weeds. The active substances penetrate both through the root system and through the foliage, thereby ensuring an effective fight against weeds in the fields.

The chemical is available in 5 liter cans. It contains dimethylamine salt, dicamba acid and concentrate, which allows the substance to dissolve well in water.

Herbicide benefits

The benefits of using include:

  • Destruction of weeds and sow thistle in the fields.
  • The active substance penetrates into weeds through the foliage and root system, due to which its effectiveness increases significantly.
  • Can be used with almost all herbicides.
  • If you use chemicals with a similar composition, the effect of "Deimos" will be enhanced.
  • The duration of the action of the chemical.
  • The substances that make up the composition decompose in one growing season, so the crop rotation is safe.
  • The chemical is not washed off after rains.
  • Not toxic to bees and animals.

The only drawback of the herbicide is that it cannot be used to process vegetable crops.

Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action is due to the fact that the herbicide penetrates through the foliage into all weed tissues, thereby contributing to their wilting. After application, the weeds begin to dry out and then die.

Deimos is used to control weeds such as:

  • Mary white;
  • wild radish;
  • field bindweed;
  • shepherd's bag;
  • field thistle;
  • sprocket;
  • cheremitsa;
  • sow thistle;
  • hogweed.

In a few applications, you can destroy most of the weed in the fields.

Weed impact rate

You can notice the effect of the drug within 1-2 weeks after treatment. The speed of exposure depends on temperature and climatic conditions. The period of protective action is 4 to 6 weeks.

Consumption rates

Consumption rates are calculated taking into account the type of cultivated crop and the type of weeds that grow on the site.

How to properly prepare a working solution

Prepare a solution for spraying fields as follows:

  1. Shake the herbicide well before use.
  2. Then half of the total volume of water is poured into the container.
  3. After that, the amount of herbicide is poured in, which is necessary for the total volume of water.
  4. Then the solution is thoroughly mixed and the rest of the water is poured in.

Once again the solution is thoroughly mixed. After processing, the container is washed several times. It can be used only for the preparation of solutions from weeds and pests.

Instructions for use

For processing corn, 0.4-0.8 liters per hectare will be required. They are treated against all types of dicotyledonous annual weeds, some perennials and sow thistle.

For rye, oats, barley, winter and spring wheat, 0.15-0.4 liters per hectare are used. They are cultivated against the same weeds as that of corn, from all types of dicotyledonous annual weeds, some perennials and sow thistle.

For spraying pastures and hayfields in the spring, use 1.6-2.0 liters per hectare. In the autumn, the concentration is slightly higher, 2.6-3.1 liters per hectare. They process the fields from hogweed, hellebore, sorrel and buttercups.

Spraying lawns will require 1.6-3.15 liters per hectare. The herbicide in this case will help get rid of all types of dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous perennials.

Toxicity and Precautions

The class of toxicity of the herbicide "Deimos" is the third. When using a chemical, be sure to take precautions. It is recommended to wear closed clothing, a mask and safety glasses before processing. Spraying is carried out on a dry and calm day. Nothing can be collected and eaten on cultivated fields for a month.

If the solution comes into contact with the skin, this area is thoroughly washed with soap and water. If after treatment a rash, redness and other symptoms appear, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

Compatibility with other products

Differs in good compatibility with most other drugs. "Deimos" is allowed to be used with drugs that include glyphosate, sulfonylurea and MCPA.

Before using several chemicals, be sure to check their compatibility. Usually the manufacturer indicates compatibility in the instructions.

Conditions and shelf life of the drug

Store the chemical in a dark, cool and well-ventilated area, out of reach of animals and children. Store the herbicide in a strong and tightly closed container. The room temperature can range from -30 degrees to +40. The shelf life is 3 years.

Similar herbicides

The analogs of the herbicide include the preparations "Lart", "Monomax", "Starterr".

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