Instructions for the use of herbicide Shkval and consumption rates

Instructions for the use of herbicide Shkval and consumption rates

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You can manually clear the area of ​​weeds, which is quite troublesome and requires a lot of time during the season. It is possible to significantly reduce the level of labor costs by using modern means - herbicides. The popular domestic herbicide of continuous systemic action "Shkval" is successfully used by gardeners on their private plots and non-agricultural fields.

Composition and release form of the drug "Shkval"

The main active ingredient in the preparation is imazapir. Shkval is produced in the form of a water-soluble concentrate. The dosage of the drug is calculated based on the instructions for the drug. The imazapir content is 250 grams per liter.

Positive and negative sides

The main advantages of a domestic drug:

  1. Long-term effect - no weeds for two or more years.
  2. Recommended for use throughout Russia.
  3. Does not wash off by rain one hour after treatment.
  4. Processing can be carried out at any time.
  5. It is possible to spray weeds that have already emerged, does not lose efficiency when cultivating the soil before weeds emerge.
  6. Affects shrubs and woody vegetation that is difficult to eradicate.
  7. Compatible with growth regulators.

"Flurry" is effective against willow, creeping bitterness, loach. The disadvantages of the tool include:

  1. Toxic to cultivated plants.
  2. It is impossible to apply continuous processing by the aviation method near water bodies.
  3. It is impossible to pick berries and mushrooms in areas close to the treated areas for 20 days after spraying.
  4. Medium toxic to humans.

No herbaceous plants have been identified that can withstand the effects of the pesticide. No resistance was found.

Spectrum and mechanism of action

The active substance, getting on the leaves of plants, disrupts the process of photosynthesis. Penetrating into the root system, the poison accumulates in the points of growth, thereby slowing down cellular metabolism and protein synthesis. Leaves discolor and fall off. Weeds die off about a week after treatment.

Herbicide consumption rates

For the destruction of all types of weeds, the consumption rate of "Shkval" is approximately 2.5 liters per 1 hectare. When processing areas from woody vegetation, the consumption rate is doubled.

The multiplicity of treatments is 1 time per season, repeated spraying is not required.

Preparation of the working mixture

"Shkval" is diluted with water. The tank is filled with liquid by about a third. The substance is thoroughly shaken in its original packaging and poured into a container. The drug is toxic, spraying is carried out in a respirator and gloves.

Important! The diluted drug mixture is not stored for more than 6 hours. The herbicide is diluted just before use.

Boom-type ground or backpack sprayers are recommended.

Instructions for using the drug

The solution is mixed immediately before use. The dosage must be strictly observed according to the instructions, depending on the cultivated area and the type of plants grown.

Precautions when applying herbicide

"Shkval" belongs to the 3rd class of danger to humans, is a moderately toxic substance. When using the working mixture, gloves, a protective suit, a kerchief and a respirator must be worn.

If apiaries are located near the treated area, it is necessary to warn the beekeepers 5 days before spraying. It is not recommended to use the drug near water areas.

How toxic is it?

For humans, the herbicide "Shkval" is not dangerous, since it belongs to the 3rd class of toxicity. But at the same time it is necessary to observe precautions when applying the herbicide.

"Shkval" can seriously harm beekeepers and inhabitants of reservoirs. There have been cases of extinction of fish and bees. Within 20 days after treatment, you must not pick mushrooms, berries, vegetables and fruits that grow near the treated area.

Is it compatible with other products?

Shkval can be used in conjunction with other herbicides. But in general, the drug is self-sufficient and is recommended for use separately.

How and how much can you store?

In its original packaging, "Shkval" lies in a special room designed for storing pesticides at temperatures from -10 C to +25 C for no more than 3 years from the date of release. The substance is not stored in the state of the working solution. It is necessary to mix the agent immediately before spraying.

Similar preparations for weeds

"Shkval" can be replaced with the following continuous action herbicides with similar action:

  • "Imperial";
  • Arbonal;
  • "Grader";
  • Arsenal New.

In general, the Russian-made pesticide is self-sufficient and is recommended for use separately.

All herbicides are certified and recommended for use in our country.

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