2 recipes for making wine from grape pomace at home

In industrial winemaking, the pulp remaining after juicing goes to waste. But in a small production, such extravagance is impermissible. Especially if purchased fruits are used to create a strong drink. At home, you can create a weak wine from grape cake (pomace). The product is also called a half-wine, a secondary or wine alcoholic beverage. It turns out to be weak, but with a pleasant taste and aroma.

Can you make wine from grape pomace?

The light alcohol-containing product of the second pressing began to be produced in ancient times. Modern zealous winemakers do not break the established tradition. After all, a secondary strong drink, even by professionals, is considered a high-quality natural product. It is much healthier than the cheap wine sold in supermarkets.

Rules for the selection of raw materials

The quality of the pressing is of great importance. They should be fresh, with no signs of deterioration or decay.

How to Prepare Grape Pulp to Make Secondary Wine

Pulp (cake) is grape pulp, consisting of crushed skin, pulp, seeds, branches of bunches. Reuse of this product is possible. The pulp becomes the main ingredient.

Preparing it is simple:

  1. The enamelled tank is filled with squeezed cake.
  2. Introduce granulated sugar in a ratio of 300 grams per 1 kilogram of the fruit component and boiled water.
  3. The dishes are tied on top with a thin cloth. The container can be made of glass, but it must be large. Only a spacious container guarantees that the pulp does not sour, but begins to ferment. To prevent the wort from flowing out of the container, the fruit mass should be no more than half of its volume.
  4. The vessel is placed in a room with a constant temperature of at least 22-24 ° C and covered with a warm blanket.
  5. Every morning, afternoon, evening, the contents are stirred with a wooden spatula with a long handle. If you do not perform such an action, then the mass will simply sour.
  6. After the end of fermentation, the liquid is removed, the main ingredient is placed in cheesecloth and squeezed.

It becomes the basis for the preparation of a wine alcoholic drink.

How to make wine from grape cake at home

Secondary strong drink is an excellent solution for zealous winemakers. The technology for creating a product from the remains of pomace is practically the same as in the production of wine from grapes. Only the fermentation of the wine stock lasts longer.

Dark Leftover Recipe

A wine alcoholic drink can be made from the remains of dark grapes using the following algorithm:

  1. A glass bottle is filled with the main ingredient.
  2. Add granulated sugar (300-400 grams per liter of liquid) and warm boiled water.
  3. The mixture is thoroughly stirred until the crystals disappear.
  4. A rubber glove is put on the neck of the container and secured with tape or thread. Almost immediately, it will fill with air and rise up.
  5. The wort should stand until the cake becomes light and cakes into a dense mass. Once this happens, the liquid is filtered and placed in a clean container, which is closed with a water seal.
  6. The finished product is poured into clean glass bottles. Tasting is best done in six months.

The whole process of cooking half a wine lasts about 9-10 months.

Option from white grape pomace

You can make a second intoxicating drink from the pulp of white grape varieties:

  1. The rest of the pomace is filled into an enamelled tank so that they fill 1/3 of the container.
  2. Inject some seedless raisins.
  3. Pour warm boiled water, leaving 1/3 of the volume empty. If these proportions are not observed, then the wort, which will begin to ferment, will overflow.
  4. The container needs to be put to the battery, covered with an old blanket. The winemaker needs to make sure that the temperature is kept at about the same level.
  5. The contents of the container are stirred every 5-6 hours.
  6. After a week, the liquid is separated from the cake.
  7. Sugar crystals (100 grams per liter) are added.
  8. The previous procedure is repeated a week later.
  9. Cover the bottle with a towel and leave for a month.
  10. The wort is filtered through several layers of gauze, placed in a container with a water seal.

As soon as the liquid brightens, it is distributed in bottles and sent to a permanent storage location. The product is immediately used for its intended purpose.

Storage of the finished product

The second half-wine is kept in a dark room at a temperature of 10-13 ° C. Humidity should not be higher than 85%. Care must be taken to ensure that containers are not exposed to direct sunlight.

The shelf life of the grape drink is approximately 1.5 years. The open product is used for its intended purpose within a week.

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