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Gonna grow phalaenopsis

Gonna grow phalaenopsis

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Hello! I am going to grow phalaenopsis for sale. Please tell me whom to turn to for technology and all necessary equipment. Thanks.


Orchids, despite the apparent difficulty in growing, are quite simple and unpretentious in the care and reproduction. Firstly, for orchids (phalaenopsis) a special soil suitable only for them is needed. It is better to get it not in the store, but from people who can guarantee its quality. Secondly, it remains unclear where you will grow phalaenopsis, at home or in a specialized greenhouse. And, thirdly, for what purposes, for cutting, as planting material or as a pot plant. In each case, a lot of nuances and a large amount of information. Maybe it is worth considering each stage separately and step by step, asking step-by-step questions?