Description and characteristics of quail pearl fairy breed, their breeding

Description and characteristics of quail pearl fairy breed, their breeding

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The popularity of quail breeding and rearing has led to the fact that the selection work on the breeding of new breeds and crosses does not stop. For example, a new hybrid of quails has recently appeared - the pearl fairy. It is not yet widespread in Russia, and little is known about it. Consider the description and characteristics of pearl fairy quails, the pros and cons of cross, the technology of growing and breeding.

Description and characteristics of quail pearl fairy

The pearl fairy cross, which has another name - the blue pharaoh, was obtained in Germany. The bird attracts attention with an interesting plumage color - pearl gray. Lays eggs with light blue-gray shell.

The hybrid belongs to the meat-and-meat direction. The productive characteristics of the new cross are similar to the characteristics of the Pharaoh breed - at 1.5 months, carcasses weigh 380 g.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

increased body weight;

high growth rate;

quails raised in a household can be fattened on industrial compound feed;

beautiful plumage color;

good egg production.

The disadvantage of the new hybrid is that it is not widespread in Russia. But, judging by the characteristics of the cross, this shortcoming is temporary.

Maintenance, care and feeding

Quails of a new promising cross are grown mainly for meat. The feeding period lasts 1.5-2 months. Some livestock of females are left to receive eggs. They also begin to rush at 2 months of age. Stable egg production continues until the age of 10-12 months. Then a batch of quails gives not so many eggs, so it is replaced with new young quails.

Females and males are raised separately. It is possible to determine the sex of a bird by external signs - in male quails, there is a slight thickening above the cloaca. Females do not have it, the skin is gray. In this way, the sex can be determined in quails no earlier than 1 month of age.

Like other quail breeds, pearl fairies are kept and raised in cages. The birds do not need a lot of space, they do not need to walk. This simplifies maintenance, however, it must be remembered that quails are demanding on temperature, humidity and lighting. They love warmth (at least 20 ˚C), moderately humid air (60%), long daylight hours (18 hours) and dim light. Such conditions must be created so that the quails live in comfort, and the females rush every day. It is unacceptable to keep birds in a cold and damp room, where there are drafts. Any violation of the conditions of detention will lead to a drop in productivity and an increase in the cost of the final product.

Silver-gray quails are fed with poultry compound feed (it is convenient to feed birds for meat like broilers) or grain-herbal mixtures. Mixes are made from finely ground grain. Moreover, the grain must be varied, the composition of the feed must be changed from time to time so that various nutrients, vitamins and microelements enter the body of the birds. Finely chopped grass, grated vegetables, root vegetables, premixes are added to the grain. In general, the more different foods there are in the quail's diet, the healthier they will be and the more intensively they will run.

Breeding rules

The pearl fairy is a hybrid, so you won't be able to get your own quails. When crossing cockerels with hens of the pearl fairy, the inherited traits are split and the characteristic traits are gradually lost. It remains to buy a hatching egg or young animals on breeding farms. It will be necessary to change the livestock every year, so you need to try to find a farm where you can update the quails every season.


So that the quail does not get sick with infectious diseases, digestive disorders, it is necessary to clean the cage literally every day and ventilate the room. Convenient to keep birds in cages with mesh floors and trays underneath that are easy to clean and wash. With daily cleaning, there will be no dirt or smell even in the apartment, where many of them keep quails.

But cleaning and caring for quails is not enough to keep them from getting sick. To protect your farm from infections and the death of livestock, you need to vaccinate against viral diseases, solder antibiotics against bacterial diseases. Treat quails from external parasites with antiparasitic agents or put a small vessel with ash in the cage.

For sick quails, you need to keep a separate cage on the farm, where to transplant the birds for the duration of treatment. The pearl fairy cross is of interest as highly productive and promising. For those who like to experiment with new breeds, this is a good solution. Small numbers of birds can be managed by one person.

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