Instructions for use and composition of the Spintor insecticide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of the Spintor insecticide, dosage and analogues

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The fight against insect pests in the summer cottage takes a lot of time and effort from the gardener. After all, it is quite difficult to find an effective and safe plant protection product. But modern agricultural chemistry has solved this problem as well. The use of the Spintor insecticide allows you to protect plantings and not harm the ecosystem. Therefore, it is worth talking about its capabilities in detail.

Composition and release form of the drug "Spintor"

It is a one-component biological insecticide capable of destroying insect pests, while harmless to humans, plants and entomophages useful for the garden. Spinosad is the active ingredient of the drug, is a contact and intestinal pesticide and is contained in Spintor at a concentration of 240 grams / liter. It arose during the fermentation of a biosubstrate obtained as a result of the vital activity of special bacteria - accinomycetes Saccharopolyspora spinosa.

The product is available in the form of a concentrated suspension, packaged in plastic bottles of various volumes (from 10 milliliters to 0.5 liters), with a tightly screwed cap. Each package of the product is supplied with a label containing information on the name of the insecticide, its manufacturer, composition and purpose. The drug belongs to the class of biological pesticides.

The principle of operation and purpose of the tool

The insecticide is used to protect plantings of potatoes, vegetables in open and closed ground, flowers in greenhouses.

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The contact-intestinal action of the drug ensures the blocking of nerve impulses in the tissues, affects the state of the central nervous system of the insect, causing paralysis of the pest and its death.

"Spintor" protects plantings from the Colorado potato beetle, western flower (California) thrips, flies, gall midges, ants and other pests. In some species of insects, the insecticide acts on larvae, caterpillars, in others, on adults. There are no restrictions on crop rotation for the product.

Benefits of the drug

Biological insecticides are a new generation of agrochemicals. They do not harm plants, are used in small doses and have a number of other advantages:

  • are economically consumed, while maintaining high efficiency;
  • resistant to precipitation;
  • they hit pests quickly (after 1-3 hours, the results of treatment are noticeable), continue to protect plants for 3 weeks after treatment;
  • do not reduce efficiency with increasing temperature;
  • not phytotoxic;
  • can be used in combination with most agrochemical compounds (fertilizers, insecticides with another active ingredient, pesticides).

The disadvantages of the drug include the high cost, but it is compensated by the cost-effectiveness of the drug. Insects do not develop insecticide resistance. The drug begins to act immediately after the treatment of plants, the complete death of insect pests occurs in 1-2 days.

Consumption rate of the drug and working solution

The working solution of the drug is prepared before spraying. Instructions for use of the drug contain precise recommendations for the consumption of funds, which should not be exceeded.

Suspension concentrate consumption, liter / hectareCultivated crops, destroyed pestWorking solution consumption, liter / hectare, spraying periodHow many times per season to process
0,3-1,2Greenhouse Peppers and Cucumbers from Western Flower Thrips1000-3000. During the growing season2. Break between treatments - 1-1.5 weeks.
0,2-0,7Greenhouse flowers from western flower thrips500-1500. During the growing season2.

The break between treatments is 1-1.5 weeks.

0,125-0,15Planting potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle200-400. During the growing season1

Processing is carried out in dry, calm weather, it is better to do this in the morning or evening hours.

Important: do not spray flowering plants.

To prepare the working solution, half of the required volume of water is poured into the tank, with the mixer turned on, add the suspension, without stopping to interfere, add the rest of the liquid. The product is suitable for all types of sprayers. The surface of the leaves is processed, spraying is carried out immediately, upon detection of pests, without waiting for an increase in the number of insect colonies. After carrying out the work, the sprayer is freed from the remnants of the product, all its parts are thoroughly washed.

Safety engineering

The working solution of the insecticide is prepared in a protective suit, rubber gloves are put on the hands, the respiratory organs are protected with a respirator, the eyes - with goggles. The product is safe for fish, earthworms, entomophages (predatory insects that feed on plant pests). The substance has a hazard class 3 for humans (medium toxicity) and is highly toxic (hazard class 1) for bees. Before processing plants, it is necessary to warn beekeepers in advance, 5-7 days in advance, to adjust the timing of insect flight.

Work on the preparation of the working solution and tank mixtures is carried out on special sites (covered with asphalt or concrete for easy cleaning), located far from residential and agricultural buildings. Unauthorized people, children, pets and farm animals are not allowed on the site.


A new generation biological product is compatible with fertilizers, insecticides with other active ingredients, herbicides. It is mixed with other insecticides to completely destroy all types of pests in the garden or at their summer cottage.

Terms and conditions of storage

The drug is stored in a tightly closed original packaging. It is kept in a warehouse for agrochemical compounds, in dry and ventilated rooms, preventing the agent from freezing. Placed away from children, pets, feed and food. The shelf life of the drug is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

What can be replaced

There are no analogues of the remedy with the same active substance.

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