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Purple potato tubers

Purple potato tubers

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Why, after several years of cultivation, purple tubers began to lighten, they were dusted with white varieties of potatoes?


Elena, many gardeners advise changing the variety of potatoes every year. But it is quite expensive. In addition, I want to plant an already proven variety. But practice, as in your case, shows that potatoes tend to accumulate diseases and viruses. There is a way not to part with your favorite variety and at the same time update it. To do this, apply the seed propagation method. The method is laborious, but justifies itself. Now rarely find healthy seed potatoes for sale.

In early September, collect ripe tomatoes (berries) from the top of the bush. Weeks 2 Keep them in a warm and dry room until fully ripened. After crush and keep 3-5 days in a bowl for fermentation. Rinse the fermented mass on grains and dry them at room temperature (15-25 degrees).

Potato seeds are best planted by seedlings. Seedlings are grown, as well as tomato.At the beginning of April, sow the seeds in boxes with soil mixtures. Tucking depth - 0.5-1cm, compacting the top layer. Keep the box in a warm room or greenhouse. When shoots appear, weed and moisten from time to time. In mid-May, plants along with a lump of land are planted on the prepared site. The care is the same as for the usual seedlings of any other culture. Varietal potatoes are dug up in September until the beginning of October.

The seed potato crop obtained by this method will be 20-30% higher than when growing ordinary potatoes. Good indicators will be for 5-6 years, until the disease again accumulates in the potato. After that, you have to start again with the seeds.


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