Instructions for use of Tsipi Plus, insecticide dosage and analogues

Instructions for use of Tsipi Plus, insecticide dosage and analogues

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"Tsipi Plus" is an insecticide that belongs to the category of synthetic pyrethroids. It is designed to kill harmful insects - sucking and gnawing. The drug is effective against pests that are resistant to organophosphorus substances. The composition is suitable for processing almost all crops and acts quickly.

Composition and form of release of the insecticide "Tsipi Plus"

This product is a two-component substance that provides protection against the most dangerous parasites. Also, the composition is used to kill locusts. There are several active ingredients in 1 liter of the product:

  • 480 grams of chlorpyrifos;
  • 50 grams of cypermethrin.

The preparative form of the agent is the emulsion concentrate. The composition belongs to the chemical class of organophosphorus compounds and synthetic pyrethroids. The substance is sold in packs of 5 liters.

Principle of action and purpose of the drug

The mechanism of action of the agent is based on the composition of the substance. Thanks to the combined action, it is possible to cope with a wide range of parasites and reduce the risk of resistance in pests.

The product contains chlorpyrifos. It enters the body of parasites through the digestive organs, the respiratory system, or the skin. This helps make acetylcholinesterase less active. This effect is achieved by mimicking acetylcholine. Thanks to the interaction with esterases, it is possible to suppress the vital activity of parasites.

When the enzyme is blocked by a substance in the synaptic cleft, an accumulation of acetylcholine is observed. This causes a disturbance in the transmission of nerve impulses. As a result, the convulsive activity of muscle tissue appears, which turns into paralysis.

The second component of the drug is cypermethrin. When arthropods enter the body from the inner part of the sodium channel of nerve cells, it binds to the lipophilic environment of the membrane. As a result, its depolarization is observed. In this case, the opening and closing of the sodium channel is significantly slowed down.

The main advantages of the substance include the following:

  • perfect combination of organophosphate and pyrethroid;
  • the possibility of destroying grain ground beetles;
  • protection of the apple tree from a number of parasites;
  • long period of protection - 2 weeks or more;
  • effectiveness in the fight against pests that are resistant to pyrethroids and organophosphates;
  • higher efficiency and environmental friendliness in comparison with tank mixes based on the same components;
  • fumigant characteristics;
  • the ability to protect agricultural plants from parasites and ticks;
  • resistance to precipitation;
  • compatibility with many insecticidal preparations, acaricides and fungicidal agents - the only exception is alkaline compounds;
  • the ability to use at different temperature indicators;
  • an important component of anti-resistance programs;
  • low cost and economical consumption.

The tool helps to cope with various parasites. It can be used to kill Colorado beetles, flower beetles, leafhoppers. Also, the composition is suitable for combating aphids, moths, moths, flies, leaf beetles. The tool is used to destroy scoops, meadow moths, leaf rollers and other pests.

Instructions for using the product

It is recommended to make a special stock solution before processing cultures. Since the product is produced in the form of a concentrate, to obtain a homogeneous consistency, the emulsion must be mixed well. Then you need to measure the appropriate amount of insecticide at the rate of consumption, add it to a container filled with a third of water, and mix everything well.

After that, the container must be filled 2/3 with water. The finished stock solution is introduced into the sprayer tank, filling it halfway with clean water. The working solution needs to be stirred with mechanical stirrers, and then water is added to fill the tank, and everything is mixed well again.

Insecticide "Tsipi Plus" can be combined with many types of insecticides, acaricides and fungicides. Preparations with higher pH parameters are considered an exception.

The dosage and features of the use of the substance are indicated in the table:

CulturePestsDosage, liters per 1 hectareFeatures of the use of the substance
Winter wheatBread beetle0,5-0,75It is recommended to handle seedlings. For 1 hectare, it is required to use 200-300 liters of working solution.
Apple treeAphids, moths, mites, leaf rollers, moths1,5Spraying trees is required during the growing season. It is worth using 300 liters of working fluid per hectare.
GrapesBunch roll1-1,5It is recommended to spray the planting during the growing season. This is required when the first generation of parasites appears. For 1 hectare, 600-1200 liters of solution are required.
PastureLocust0,5Processing is carried out at the stage of larval development. In this case, it is required to use 200-400 liters of working solution per 1 hectare.

Precautions for use

Tsipi Plus poses a danger to human health. When working with it, it is recommended to follow all safety rules. It is worth handling plantings in special protective clothing. It is imperative to wear a respirator. This will help to avoid contact of the substance on the skin and mucous membranes. After finishing the work, the sprayer needs to be rinsed well.


The drug can be combined with most insecticidal substances, acaricides, fungicides. The only exceptions are alkaline compounds.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The drug must be stored in a specially designated place. It must be kept out of the reach of children and pets. The shelf life of the product is 3 years.

What can be replaced?

Effective analogues of the substance include the following:

  • "Nurbel";
  • Superkill;
  • Nurimet Extra.

Tsipi Plus is considered to be an effective remedy that helps to cope with most parasites. In order for the use of the substance to be effective, it is worth following the instructions.

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