Characteristics of the tomato variety Snowfall F1, its description

Characteristics of the tomato variety Snowfall F1, its description

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Every experienced vegetable grower has his favorites, which are among the representatives of each culture, and tomatoes are no exception. Tomatoes Snowfall also fell in love. However, most summer residents every year secretly take part in a certain number of experiments aimed at finding new varieties of tomatoes.

Description of the variety

Tomato Snowfall F1 is a representative of late tomato varieties belonging to the first generation of hybrids. The bush of the plant is indeterminate, it can be up to 2 meters high. Moderate spreading goes well with an abundance of green foliage, which requires close attention and mandatory formation.

Tomato leaves Snowfall simple, medium-sized. Clusters, in which fruits ripen, have from 6 to 10 fruits. The excellent yield of tomato allows you to get up to 5 kilograms of selected fruits from each bush growing in the greenhouse. From planting the seeds to the appearance of the first ripe fruit, an average of 120 days pass. Harvesting can be done before snow appears.

The fruits of the tomato Snowfall grow up to 80 - 120 grams. The tomatoes are flat-rounded; the stalk has a slight ribbing.

When ripe, the fruit has a deep red color. The thin skin covering them prevents cracking. The dense pulp contains a small amount of seeds.

The taste of the tomato Snowfall is quite sweet, very rich and, as reported by numerous reviews, very pleasant. Sugars, which are found in large quantities in tomatoes, make it easy to use Snowfall in baby food and in the preparation of a variety of dishes.

Fruit characteristics

Snowfall fruits are flat-rounded, red and small. At the stage of full maturity, they reach a mass of 60 - 80 grams. The taste for a hybrid is quite pleasant, moderately sweet.

Snegopad tomatoes are great for pickling and pickling. Due to its small size, it fits easily into every jar. When ripe on a bush, tomatoes can be eaten fresh, since their taste is suitable even for use in the diet of children.

Each fruit has 3 or 2 seed chambers, in which the average number of seeds are located. In addition to salting, pickling and fresh consumption, the fruits of the Snowfall can be dried.

By adding Mediterranean spices to the Snowfall tomatoes, drying them in the required way, you can get excellent sun-dried tomatoes, the characteristics of which will not be inferior to expensive Italian tomatoes. Subsequently, such fruits can be used in cooking and as a spice.

Pros and cons of the variety

The description on the package contains quite detailed information about the Snowfall tomatoes, but only vegetable growers who have been growing the variety for several years can name obvious advantages. These benefits include:

  • high productivity;
  • excellent taste;
  • unpretentiousness to growing conditions;
  • spectacular appearance of ripe fruits;
  • excellent keeping quality;
  • the ability of tomatoes to tolerate transportation well;
  • versatility of use;
  • the possibility of growing both in a private backyard and in an industrial volume;
  • resistance to the effects of various viruses and diseases.

Of course, the list of advantages is very wide. However, the variety has its disadvantages:

  • sensitivity to temperature fluctuations;
  • frost intolerance;
  • susceptibility to drought and sweltering heat;
  • the need to form a bush;
  • exactingness to tying;
  • the need for the constant removal of stepchildren;
  • the possibility of chopping tomatoes in case of excess foliage.

There is another drawback noted by summer residents: the inability to collect seeds for planting next year. Even ripe seeds are deprived of the virtues of the mother plant. This is sometimes offensive, but quite understandable: this factor is inherent in all hybrid varieties. Despite this, the description and reviews of the Snowfall F1 tomato are the most positive.

Growing features

Growing tomatoes Snowfall is carried out in seedlings. Depending on the region of cultivation, the optimal time for planting seeds should be chosen. In areas where the climate is cold, it is necessary to plant seeds in mid to late February. In the southern regions, this moment can be postponed until mid-March.

Before planting seeds in the ground, they can be treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate. This is necessary to decontaminate the material. Sedek's Seeds Snowfall have already passed the pre-sale preparation and do not need disinfection. This information can be found on each package of seeds.

The soil in which future plants will be planted should be light but nutritious. To obtain the above qualities, you can mix garden soil with humus and river sand. Ideal if the grower has the ability to add superphosphate and wood ash to the soil.

After planting seeds in shared containers, you can later plant them in peat pots. This is very convenient, since there is no need to damage the plant's root system in the process of transplanting into the ground later. Plants planted immediately in peat pots do not need a pick.

It is important that tomatoes are responsive to heat, fertilization and moderate moisture. Top dressing applied to the soil must be systematized: first, the plant needs nitrogen, then phosphorus and potassium. Organic fertilization can also have a positive effect on crop growth.

Fight disease

Tomatoes Snowfall F1, like other hybrids, is resistant to the main diseases of the nightshade. Neither mosaic, nor fusarium, nor verticillosis are afraid of him. The only thing that a summer resident should be afraid of, who decides to grow a Snowfall tomato on his site, is late blight. You can protect the culture by spraying with preparations containing copper. Already affected plant parts should be removed immediately.

Pest insects can be defeated. To do this, you can use industrial insecticidal agents or apply folk remedies. Decoctions of celandine and onion husks, tobacco dust and wood ash are excellent help to cope with pests.

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