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How to store cabbage in clay

How to store cabbage in clay

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Have a nice day, experts. I heard about the method of storing cabbage in clay. How effective is this method? A lot of cabbage has grown, how to save it until spring.


There is nothing complicated with this method. Dissolve clay in water, 2 parts of clay in 1 part of water, until thick sour cream. Coat the cabbage with this mixture, so that the leaves do not shine through. Let it air dry. After laying on the bottom or shelf in the cellar. In clay "clothes" the cabbage does not rot and does not dry out, but retains all its freshness and juiciness. The method is time-consuming, especially if you have a large crop.

In case you harvested cabbage without cutting it from the tops, I advise you to simply hang the head of cabbage by the stump. So the heads of cabbage will practically not touch each other, they are blown from all sides by air. Easily checked for rot or disease. In addition, cabbage suspended from the ceiling saves space in the cellar, and as a rule it is always in short supply.

Both methods allow for a long time to maintain the freshness of cabbage.