Instructions for the use of copper sulfate for grapes, how to prepare a solution for processing

Instructions for the use of copper sulfate for grapes, how to prepare a solution for processing

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Despite the efforts of the breeders, most of the products grown on the site need protection from harmful bacteria and insects. Since ancient times, it has been believed that copper sulfate is one of the most effective means of maintaining the plant's immunity at the proper level. Let's see how copper sulfate is useful for processing grapes, and how it is carried out.

Types of vitriol

Sulphate - sulfate metal salts, which include water of crystallization. To date, the following types of vitriol are known, some of which are formed in natural conditions, and some - only artificially:

  • copper;
  • cobalt;
  • iron;
  • manganese;
  • zinc (white);
  • nickel.

Composition and active substance

Copper sulfate is a powdery substance that has a light blue or blue color. It dissolves well in liquid, because there are 5 water molecules per 1 molecule of copper sulfate. The formula of the substance is as follows - СuSО4 * 5H2O. The substance is not safe for the human body and has category 3.

Note! Vitriol enters the human body through the skin and mucous membranes. Beware of direct contact with him, because this is fraught with consequences. Do not forget about safety rules when working with it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

The substance is used in horticulture due to the following qualities:

  1. The effect after the treatment of the culture persists for a long time.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Wide range of applications.
  4. It is spent sparingly, and the acquired stocks will last for a long time.
  5. After applying a solution of vitriol to the product, its use in food is possible earlier than when processing with other drugs.


  • it is difficult to determine the required dosage by eye, and when drawing up a solution, it is required to be guided by clear rules;
  • if the liquid is too saturated with vitriol, instead of protecting against pests, you will burn the bush.


The range of applications in horticulture is wide. So, vitriol is used for:

  • feeding the bush;
  • processing plants from fungal infections;
  • processing of grape cuttings to strengthen immunity;
  • disinfection of damaged areas of the bush.

Each method requires an individual approach and adherence to the rules specified in the instructions for use.

Top dressing

Novice gardeners are wondering if this substance can be used as a top dressing? Yes it is possible. Vitriol, as a fertilizer, is effective in the case of grapes growing on peat bogs and sandy soils. On chernozem, the beneficial effect of fertilizer comes to naught.

The substance feeds the developing plant with copper, helping to fight harmful bacteria and stimulating photosynthesis. Dosage for feeding: 4 grams of the substance are added to 10 liters of liquid.

Treatment for fungal diseases

Helps in the fight against the following diseases:

  • powdery mildew;
  • white and brown spotting;
  • scab;
  • effective in the fight against fungal infections.

Ingredients: water, copper sulfate, skim milk or laundry soap. Milk or soap is required to increase the effect of the drugs. If you add 100 grams of stickiness enhancer to a bucket of water, the protective film will last longer on the plant, and it will not be washed off by rain.

Processing cuttings

Saplings soaked in a 2% solution of copper sulfate are highly resistant to harmful bacteria. This procedure is carried out before planting and increases the chances of a sprout forming into a powerful, beautiful bush that gives a stable harvest.

Disinfection of wounds

To create a disinfectant solution for treating plant wounds, you need to prepare:

  • 10 liters of water;
  • 100 grams of substance.

Having treated the wounds of a bush or tree with the obtained medicine, you can not be afraid of their inflammation and the death of the plant.

How to use on a vineyard

The preparation of the solution for the treatment of the plantation has a lot of nuances, and the preparation technology depends on the method of applying the liquid. For the correct preparation of the medicine, follow the following preparation rules.

Preparing the solution

Gardeners who do not know how to prepare a solution of copper sulfate should adhere to the following rules:

  • dissolve the substance in warm water;
  • when preparing a mixture, do not forget about safety rules. Wear rubber gloves and other available personal protective equipment;
  • do not mix the solution in a container made of metal.

Dosage of copper sulfate for various treatments

Instructions for those who do not know how to dilute the spray agent:

  • for spraying, a 1% solution is prepared. Accordingly, no more than 100 grams of powder is diluted for 1 bucket of warm water;
  • stir the water until the powder is completely dissolved;
  • pour the resulting mixture into a sprayer.

Important! Do not mix copper sulfate solution with other chemicals. The effect of such a mixture is difficult to predict, and instead of a positive effect, you will destroy the plant, and possibly your health.

Stages and procedure for processing grapes

Processing stages:

  • shake the container with the drug;
  • carefully, observing safety rules, spray the substance;
  • with the remaining solution, we treat trees or other plants on the territory.

In order not to burn the plant, check the correct dosage by treating one leaf on the bush. If after a while no traces of burns are visible, the solution is made correctly.

Dates of the procedure

Grape processing time:

  • in the spring;
  • in the fall;
  • in summer.

Autumn processing is considered the main, spring processing is additional, and the processing of the bush in summer is an auxiliary procedure if the plant needs it.

Spraying on a dormant vine in spring

Spring processing is carried out as follows:

  • a few days before processing, the vine is freed from the material that shelters it from the winter cold;
  • make a solution;
  • we apply the substance in a uniform, thin layer over the entire surface of the vine.

Important! Processing is carried out before bud break, while the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 about.

Green leaf treatments in summer

In summer, processing is carried out as a last resort, with a solution whose concentration does not exceed 0.5%. It is advisable to carry it out at the first signs of the disease.

In autumn

It is carried out at the end of the grape harvest, when the leaves have already fallen from the bush. The best period is considered to be the beginning or end of November. It all depends on the region of residence. Tie the vine around the trellis before starting treatment.

Errors that occur while processing the tool

The main mistake, the commission of which will cost you the death of the bush, and, accordingly, the harvest, is the wrong dosage. The substance in high concentration will burn the grapes and harm your health. Another common mistake is processing frequency. Do not process the bush every month, especially disease-resistant varieties.

How to make a liquid with your own hands

To prepare a liquid with your own hands, use the instructions on the packaging of the substance or the preparation technology described above. The base dosage is considered to be a 1% solution. Using it, you will not harm the grape bush or other cultivated crop.

Chemical Safety

During the preparation of the solution and the treatment of the plant with it, remember the main thing - safety precautions. The plant can be grown again, and it is almost impossible to restore health.

When working with copper sulfate, be guided by the following rules:

  • do not forget to wear rubber gloves on your hands. This will protect your skin from unwanted contact with chemicals;
  • a respirator will also not be a superfluous part in your outfit;
  • it is advisable to prepare the solution in the open air or in a well-ventilated area;
  • at the end of preventive procedures, thoroughly wash equipment and tools.

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