Instructions for the use of the herbicide Gambit, mechanism of action and consumption rates

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Gambit, mechanism of action and consumption rates

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Chemical weeding helps to remove weeds from crops. Herbicides provide long-term protection against weeds, increased yield and fruit quality. Gambit is a systemic soil herbicide that, when processing regulations are followed, does not adversely affect crops and does not cause resistance.

The active substance of the drug Gambit

The active ingredient of the herbicide is prometrine. The substance is a representative of the triazine class, developed in the 50s of the 20th century in Switzerland. In Gambit, it is found at a concentration of 500 grams per liter.

Prometrin is one of the most demanded herbicides of this class; many preparations have been created on its basis. It has a soil effect, therefore it is most effective in the early stages of weed development.

Note that the peak in popularity of triazines (and prometrine) came at the end of the last century. Now the use of this group of herbicides is gradually decreasing.

Preparative form of the drug

The drug is made in the form of a concentrated suspension, poured into plastic cans of 5 and 10 liters.

Spectrum of action of the herbicide

The gambit is designed to destroy gramineous and dicotyledonous weeds:

bristlesow thistle (species)
chicken milletfield mint
wild oatssuccession
field broomfield mustard
bluegrasscornflower blue
starwort medium
Mary white
highlander (species)
canary grass (species)
sweet clover (species)
mallow (species)
nightshade black
veronica (species)
wild radish
shepherd's bag

Herbicide resistance is demonstrated by pickles and bedstraws of different species.

Mechanism and speed of action

The action type is systemic. Inside sensitive plants it gets from the soil (slightly through the foliage), through the root system and seedlings. Through the conductive system, the herbicide particles are carried to all tissues. Gambit suppresses activity:

  • respiratory system;
  • chlorophyll formation processes - photosynthesis;
  • inhibits the production and activity of enzymes.

It has the strongest effect at the stage of weed germination and within 4-7 days on young shoots. Young shoots lose turgor, dry out and curl. After 1-2 weeks, weeds completely die.

The action of Gambit is accelerated by the increased temperature of the soil and air. An additional advantage is also the moisture content of the soil when the herbicide is sprayed before the weeds start to grow.

Protective period

The duration of the action of the herbicide is influenced by the weather - temperature, humidity. On average, the drug remains active for 10-12 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's note the properties of Gambit, which determine its relevance and popularity:

  • the sufficiency of one treatment - the protective effect lasts almost the entire growing season;
  • no negative impact on the soil and protected crops;
  • decomposes during the season, does not limit the change of crops during crop rotation;
  • wide range of protective action - effective against a large number of weed species of vegetation;
  • convenient preparative form.

Gambit can be used at different times, its destructive effect on weeds is visible after a week.

The drug is not expensive, the processing of fields does not require high costs.

The herbicide is washed off by precipitation and during irrigation from the upper layer of the earth to the lower level (up to a depth of 1.2 meters). Due to this, it can get into reservoirs and artesian waters, polluting them.

Consumption rate

When preparing a working mixture for spraying, adhere to the following standards:

CultureGambit in liters per hectare
Corn, sunflower, potatoes (except early varieties)2-3.5
Carrots, except for early varieties per bunch1-1.5
Peas (grain)2.5-3

The working solution is used in a volume of 100-300 liters per hectare.

Preparation and use of the working mixture

Prepare the solution immediately before use. Mixing work is carried out on tamped or concreted areas where the herbicide spill is not harmful to the soil or plants.

The instructions for use indicate that the container with Gambit should be shaken vigorously in order to give the suspension uniformity. Half the volume of water is poured into the sprayer container and the required amount of herbicide is introduced during operation of the hydro mixer.

The canister is washed several times with water, pouring it into the tank. The remaining volume of water is then added. During the entire spraying period, the mixture must be constantly stirred, so the mixer is not turned off.

Application rules:

  • the properties of Gambit are better revealed at a temperature of 10-20 °;
  • pollination timing - soil before sowing, during sowing, before and at the appearance of the first shoots;
  • the lower limits of the amount of herbicide are chosen for light fertile soils with a good degree of moisture;
  • the maximum concentration and volume of the working solution is used on heavy dry soils;
  • when processing crops on peat soils, they wait for the emergence of seedlings;
  • if the moisture content is insufficient, it is better to embed the preparation in the soil (depth 2-5 centimeters);
  • the soil should have a fine lumpy structure - large clods are broken, the remains of vegetation are removed.

The herbicide decomposes with the help of soil microorganisms, therefore, with a high humus content in the ground, the upper volumes of the preparation are selected.

Reference: it is recommended to loosen crops after the death of weeds, since if the soil is disturbed, the effectiveness of the herbicide decreases.

Safety precautions during application

The herbicide belongs to the 3rd class of hazardous substances. When working with him, protective suits, masks, glasses are used. The solution is prepared at special sites, the rest of the mixture is disposed of.

After work, wash thoroughly using liquid products. When signs of poisoning appear, a person is taken out of the area of ​​application of the herbicide, clothing is removed, washed, and sorbents are given. If signs of toxicity persist, seek medical attention.


If the consumption rates and regulations for the use of the Gambit are observed, the Gambit does not negatively affect the protected crops.

Possibility of emergence of resistance

To avoid habituation in plants, when processing crops, it is recommended to change herbicides to preparations with other active ingredients.

Compatibility with other chemicals

Gambit can be used to formulate complex mixtures with other herbicides to improve efficiency and reach a wider range of weeds. Joint use with preparations containing C-metolachlor, trifluralin, acetochlor, and other active substances is allowed.

Before spraying on crops, the mixture is tested for toxicity in a small area.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Storage in chemical storage facilities is recommended. Storage in sealed containers at temperatures from -5 ° to +35 °. With significant drops in temperature, the herbicide should be transferred to another room, since the preparation cannot be frozen to avoid loss of properties.

Existing analogues

The widespread demand for prometrine has led to the creation of several drugs on its basis, which are analogues of Gambit:

  • Alpha-Prometrin, ALFAHIMGROUP;
  • Gezagard - Syngenta, Switzerland;
  • Gezadar, AGRus;
  • Honor, AFD Chemicals;
  • Positive Plus, Chemagromarketing;
  • Fortis, RosAgroChem.

All preparations contain 500 grams of prometrine per liter.

The use of soil herbicides does not even allow the weeds to appear on the surface, they are destroyed in the bud. In order for Gambit to show all herbicidal properties, the soil should be prepared, the drug should be applied in the appropriate dosage on time. A one-time treatment of crops is required; the drug does not have a negative effect on the quality of the fruits.

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