Instructions for the use of Tilt and the composition of the fungicide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for the use of Tilt and the composition of the fungicide, dosage and analogues

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Today, the cultivation of crops is not complete without fungicide treatment. Processing protects them from fungal diseases. Consider the action and purpose of "Tilt" - a basic fungicide used to protect grain and rapeseed from fungal infections. How to use it in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers, what can be replaced and what products are its analogues.

Form, composition of "Tilt 250"

This is a well-known fungicide from Syngenta. The manufacturer produces it in a concentrated emulsion, poured into 5 liter canisters. There are 4 of them in the package. The active ingredient "Tilt" is propynaconazole of the triazole class, the compound is in the amount of 250 g per 1 liter.

In addition to this drug, "Syngenta" produces another similar fungicide - "Tilt Turbo", in addition to propinaconazole, it also contains another active substance - fenpropidine. This tool is used to control the incidence of fungi on winter cereals in autumn and spring.

How does a fungicide work?

"Tilt" quickly enters the tissue of the culture after spraying, its effect begins within 2-3 hours. The fungicide inhibits the growth of fungi and the formation of spores. Pathogens cannot multiply, and after a while their colonies die. The protective effect lasts 2-3 weeks after the day of treatment.

When used in recommended doses, the drug is not toxic to plants. Resistance to it in fungi does not arise if it is used in accordance with the recommendations.

Propinaconazole does not penetrate tissues, it is distributed only on the surface of leaves and stems. Distribution occurs evenly in all parts of the plant. "Tilt" has both a preventive and curative effect.

Resistant to moisture, its effect does not decrease if at least 1 hour has passed from the moment of treatment to rain. However, in cold and rainy periods, the effectiveness of the product may decrease. "Tilt" has not only fungicidal, but also some growth-regulating effect. Under its influence, the rate of photosynthetic processes in the leaves of cereals increases.

Appointment, indications for use

"Tilt" is considered the standard for the protection of cereals from various spots and powdery mildew, rapeseed - from phomosis and Alternaria. Has a depressing effect on rust. It has both prophylactic and medicinal effects. It is characterized by excellent selective toxicity to the pathogens from which it is used.

Application rules

Cereals are sprayed with Tilt fungicidal solution during the growing season. The consumption rate for all crops is the same - 0.5 liters per hectare, the frequency of treatments is 1, for rapeseed - 1-2 (2-3 weeks after the first). The waiting period for cereals is 40 days, for rapeseed - 30 days. Spraying solution consumption for all crops is 200-400 liters per hectare.

In private farms, "Tilt" is used for spraying garden crops and for grapes. For processing on tomatoes and other vegetable and fruit species, a solution is prepared according to the same scheme as for cereals. To obtain the desired effect, the solution is sprayed in small quantities over all parts of the plants.

Safe working technique with aqueous solution

The hazard class of the drug "Tilt" is 3, which means a low-hazard agent. With proper use and adherence to the rules, it does not cause poisoning in people working with it. But, according to the rules, when preparing a working solution and spraying, you should wear special clothing, gloves made of thick rubber (not medical), a respirator and plastic glasses. Protective equipment is required to prevent splashing of the solution on the skin, eyes, mouth and respiratory tract. While processing is in progress, you must not take off your gloves, respirator, you cannot drink, eat or smoke.

According to its resistance in soil, "Tilt" belongs to preparations with class 1, that is, very resistant. The time of its decay into non-toxic compounds in the ground is more than 1 year, therefore, plants can be placed on the treated area only no earlier than a year later.

Do not use Tilt near water bodies and apiaries, as it is toxic to fish and aquatic organisms and beneficial insects. Prepare the solution only on the day of use. Work on a calm and not hot day.

Medical assistance in case of poisoning

If the "Tilt" solution accidentally gets on the body, in the eyes, you need to rinse them with clean water for 15 minutes. If the solution gets inside, it is necessary to drink tablets of activated carbon at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg of weight, and then induce vomiting. It is then necessary to provide the person with peace, call a doctor. If poisoning occurs from inhalation of a small spray of pesticide, remove the victim to fresh air. If the condition has not stabilized, also call a doctor. Self-treatment is not effective because there is no antidote. Treatment of fungicide poisoning is symptomatic.

Expert opinion

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Clothes used when working with Tilt should be washed and dried. Wash the sprayer with soapy water or water acidified with vinegar.

Compatibility with other products

As the manufacturer notes, "Tilt" is well compatible with common and not very common pesticides. However, if the specific name is not indicated in the instructions, if necessary, mix the preparations, you should first dilute a certain amount in a small volume of water and check the chemical interaction. If there are no changes in the color of the solution, its temperature, there is no sediment, then the products are compatible.

How long and where can the drug be stored?

Fungicide "Tilt" is stored in a dark, dry place at temperatures from -5 ° C to +35 ° C. Medicines, foodstuffs, livestock feed, hygiene products should not be located in the immediate vicinity. It is necessary to ensure that children and animals cannot get the drug. The shelf life from the date of production is 3 years. Keep the drug in a closed container. Dispose of the fungicide after the expiration date. Do not store the solution prepared for work, pour out the remaining liquid.

Analogs of the remedy

"Tilt" substitute products with propinaconazole in their composition are "Altazol", "Alto Super", "Altrum Super", "Amistar Trio", "Atlant Super", "Baliy", "Bumper Super", "Broader" , “Virtuoso”, “Zoltan”, “Calibel”, “Peon”, “Forecast”, “Propy Plus”, “Registration Super”, “Profi Super”, “Profix”, “Rangoli-Tsipros”, “Rias”, Skif, Super Alliance, Tilt Turbo, Thymus, Titan, Title, Triada, Filterr, Fungisil, Tsimus Progress, Elatus Ria.

In private households, you can use such drugs with propiconazole - "Agrolekar", "Forecast", "Propy Plus", "Chistoflor", "Chistotsvet".

Fungicide "Tilt" has the following advantages: it has a wide range of applications, a long protective period, speed of action. It can be combined with various agrochemicals. It is economically beneficial, since only 1 treatment is enough, and the consumption rates are small. The remedy shows the best efficiency if it is treated with plants at the beginning of infection.

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