How to plant and grow cucumbers in 5 liter bottles

How to plant and grow cucumbers in 5 liter bottles

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Hardworking gardeners are constantly applying new technologies for growing vegetables. Planting cucumbers in 5 liter bottles saves space on the beds and in the greenhouse, shortens the time until the first harvest. The method allows you to receive products a month earlier than usual.

What is it for

Gardeners in small areas try to keep the crop turnover. This makes the soil healthier. But a problem arises: the number of beds is limited. We have to neglect the rules of agronomy.

In greenhouses, replacing the soil in whole or in part is hard work. The autumn siderization of the land partially eliminates the negative. But when re-planting cucumbers for autumn consumption, it is not possible to heal the soil. Simple technology solves the problems of gardeners.

Planting cucumbers in 5 liter bottles is used:

  • in unheated greenhouses;
  • in the open field;
  • on a glazed balcony or loggia.

The results are impressive: the plants are robust and the yields are high. The roots of the bushes are not gnawed by the bear. At an early stage of development, seedlings are not sick with mosaics. Reduced water consumption.

Usually, after the first wave of fruiting, the bushes rest. Summer residents renew the lashes, apply fertilizers. Plants require care, take up space, but do not bear fruit. Then the second harvest ripens. He's not that plentiful.

Growing cucumbers in 5 liter bottles allows gardeners to renew fruit-bearing bushes. The first batch is prepared in March, then in April and June. Old plants are composted. Plastic containers are washed and disinfected. The soil is replaced. Labor costs are minimal. Young bushes always delight with an abundance of fruits.

Bottled cucumbers: growing

Competent gardeners know that plants accumulate harmful substances. For placing cucumbers, dishes only from food are suitable. General rules for preparing a five-liter container for planting:

  • wash bottles thoroughly;
  • cut off the top third (leave a small connection);
  • at a distance of a centimeter from the bottom, make holes for the water drain with a soldering iron (this perforation serves for the subsequent separation of the bottom).

Cucumbers can be planted horizontally in five-liter eggplants. The bottle is cut lengthwise. Holes are made at the bottom to drain excess water. A third is filled with soil. It turns out a mini greenhouse. Disadvantage of the method: the tap root system of the cucumber is easily damaged during transplantation. The plant is sick, does not form ovaries. Fruiting is delayed.

Particular attention is required to be paid to the potting mix. Cucumbers are planted in limited plastic containers. The plant consumes nutrients during the period of growth and development. The soil must be fertile.

It is ideal to make a mixture of equal parts of humus, turf, sand. Coconut substrate will increase the air permeability of the soil. It is required to take into account: harmful bacteria, insect larvae may be present in the soil. The substance should be disinfected: spill with hot water, pink manganese solution, copper sulfate.

Growing cucumbers in bottles depends on the quality of the soil. Some gardeners prefer to purchase ready-made compositions. This requires analyzing the components. It is often necessary to supplement the soil with compost, nitrogen fertilizer.

For small plantings, use a liter container.

How to prepare seeds

Bottled cucumbers are easy to grow. It is important to properly prepare the material for sowing.

Seeds from a reputable manufacturer have been pre-prepared. Some companies pelletize the planting material with a mixture of mineral fertilizers. Upon contact with water, the glaze dissolves, the seedling receives nutrition.

Own seeds are planted 2-3 years after harvesting. Cucumbers in five-liter bottles will be healthy if you follow the rules for preparing the material. The gardener should:

  • check germination (place dry seeds in a saturated solution of sodium chloride (2 teaspoons per glass of water): empty ones will float up);
  • disinfect suitable light pink solution of potassium permanganate;
  • accelerate germination by etching in aloe juice, potassium humate (keep for 2 hours);
  • germinate in a damp cloth.

Three seeds are placed in a plastic bottle cut across. After the appearance of one true leaf, weak plants are removed.

With a plastic bottle divided along, proceed as follows. Holes are made at a distance of 15 cm. They put two seeds in them. After germination, one is left. The plant to be removed is not pulled out, but pinched. Growth stops.

The secrets of the success of the "bottle" technology in the open field

Cucumbers are planted in open ground in two ways:

  1. Temporarily. Cover the sprout with a bottle with the bottom cut out. It is buried in the ground by 10 cm. The cork is not screwed in. Cover with lutrasil (in cold weather). With the onset of warm weather, the shelter is removed. A convenient method for rarely visiting summer residents.
  2. Seedlings are grown in a greenhouse or at home. Before planting, the bottom of the bottle is cut off along the perforation made. The jar, along with a lump of earth, is placed in a dug hole (the ground level should coincide with the inner one). The upper third is removed.

Advantages of the method: saving space, water. In the event of a cold snap, it is easy to cover the bed with a film or non-woven material.

The disadvantage of growing cucumbers under five-liter bottles in the open field in the second case: limited nutrition. The gardener should constantly feed with nitrogen, mineral complexes.

Twine should be dipped into the bottles to twist the plant during the growth period. Then you need to remove the upper third of the eggplant: it has completed its task.

How to plant cucumbers under bottles in a greenhouse

You can plant your own cucumbers in plastic bottles in greenhouses. This is beneficial: an additional greenhouse is created in a small area. When using warm beds, a heated greenhouse is obtained.

In the area where it is planned to grow cucumbers in plastic bottles, the top layer of soil should be removed on the bayonet of a shovel. Put the rotted horse manure in half with straw. Cover with half of the soil. Spill with hot water, cover with foil. After three days, dig in a jar of seeds or seedlings. Cover the top with additional lutrasil.

Then the gardener continues to grow the matured bushes in the open field or leaves them in a greenhouse. He removes the upper third of the container, ties up the lashes. It is convenient to harvest cucumbers, it is easy to make feeding.

When planting cucumbers under a bottle, it is recommended to monitor the flow of liquid. Combine moderate watering with top dressing. Spray efficiently with nitrogen fertilizers over the leaf.

How to grow cucumbers for a summer resident without a summer residence

Gardeners without a summer cottage can plant cucumbers by the “bottle” method. To do this, it is enough to have a glazed loggia or an insulated balcony. Parthenocarpic (self-pollinated) varieties and hybrids should be chosen.

5 liter bottles need to be split across. Cut off (not completely) the upper third. Make drainage holes in the bottom. Fill with nutrient soil. Plant prepared seeds (3 seeds per five liters). Deepen by 1.5-2 cm.

When a true leaf appears, leave one plant. Remove the rest carefully. The success of growing cucumbers under plastic bottles depends on competent feeding with organic matter, mineral mixtures. On the balcony, a tropical vegetable grows in low humidity. It is required to spray the plant.

Spider mites adore dry air and high temperatures. The leaves should be examined. If white spots appear on the back, spray with insecticide. Increase air humidity.

Cucumbers should be shaded from the bright sun. Form as directed by seed producers. You can use containers of 1.5-2 liters. In this case, sow one seed at a time.

It is convenient and profitable to grow cucumbers in bottles. A gardener without a summer residence receives early vegetable products. The balcony is surrounded by tropical vines. A person improves skills.

Brief conclusions

Every summer resident can grow cucumbers in a bottle. Strict adherence to the recommendations, knowledge of the basics of biology guarantee the presence of fresh cucumbers on the table throughout the season.

Grown products to taste are no different from cucumbers from the garden. The gardener remembers: what top dressing he carried out, how he processed the plantings. Environmental cleanliness under control.

Plants planted in plastic bottles can be proud. The bushes are healthy, the root system is well developed. The fertilizers applied do not spread over the surface, but are digested. Cucumbers delight with an abundance of ovaries and fruits.

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