TOP 3 recipes for plums with ginger, lemon and cinnamon for the winter

Of all the abundance of the summer harvest, housewives close the jam from apples, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, apricots, currants. Plums are also often used for preservation - they make juice, jam, jam, marmalade. Ginger root can diversify plum jam. Plum with ginger for winter days has a spicy taste with a sharp edge, a delicate aroma. Even a novice housewife can cook a plum blank.

Features of making plum jam with ginger for the winter

A ginger-plum preparation can surprise any guest, since not everyone uses this spicy root for canning. The product has an unusual taste that is difficult to recognize even after repeated tasting.

Ginger gives plums a pleasant pungent taste and a rich, intense aroma. The root is added not only to jam, but also to compotes, juices, tinctures - it makes the preparation fresh and unusual.

Making plum jam is a quick and inexpensive business, so many housewives will like it.

Granulated sugar, ginger root, and plums are available in every store, market or supermarket. Subject to all the rules of cooking, the jam will have a delicate texture, moderate sweetness, and a pleasant aroma. Plum can be combined with other products; various fruits, berries, spices are added to it.

Selection and preparation of products

The fruit must be intact, free from cracks, spots, damage or rot. Preference should be given to specimens with dense skin and juicy pulp.

The ginger must be fresh; dried root is not suitable for cooking.

The plums are washed, the stalk is removed, sorted, the bad fruits are discarded. Rinse the ginger in water, remove the skin, cut into thin layers.

How to prepare containers

The container must be intact, without cracks, chips or other damage. Washing of containers should take place in a soapy solution with a brush or washcloth. Particular attention must be paid to the neck of the jar, often dried remains of conservation, rubber gaskets from the lids remain on it. After washing, the bottles are rinsed and dried several times.

Cooking recipes

There are many recipes for making plum jam. Below we will consider the most relevant options for making a sweet treat.

The classic way

The products to be harvested must be of the same maturity. For cooking you will need:

  • 400 g plums;
  • 2 cups sugar;
  • 350 ml of water;
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger.

How to do:

  • Fruits are washed, pitted, put into a saucepan, poured over with water. The fruits should be boiled until they are tender.
  • The fruit mass is mixed with ginger, sugar, boiled for half an hour. It is important to systematically skim the foam from the jam.
  • Remove the jam from the stove, wait for it to cool, grind with a blender until smooth.
  • Then the jam is boiled again for half an hour.

After thickening, the mass is poured into a sterilized container, corked, wrapped in a warm blanket. After 2-3 days, the twist is removed to a permanent storage location.

Lemon option

You can add originality to plum jam with the help of ginger and lemon. Such a twist will have a sweet and sour, spicy, pungent taste and pleasant aroma.

Required products:

  • 1 kg of plums;
  • 100 g of ginger root;
  • 200 g lemon;
  • 1.5 kg of granulated sugar.

Cooking technology:

  • The plum is washed, the lemon is blanched, cut into slices, sprinkled with granulated sugar. The ginger root is washed, peeled, cut into thin plates, and sprinkled with sugar.
  • The contents of the pan are left to infuse for 2-3 hours to extract the juice, after which they are boiled separately.
  • First, boil ginger for 10-15 minutes, mix it with lemon, boil for another 10 minutes. Next comes the turn of the drain, they are combined with the sour-spicy mass, boiled for 15 minutes.
  • After the mass has cooled, it is again placed on the stove for simmering.

After 20-30 minutes after cooking, the hot liquid is poured into sterilized bottles, rolled up with lids.


Cinnamon gives the plum jam a memorable aroma and unusual taste. Having saved the workpiece in a liquid form, it can be further used as a sauce for meat dishes.

What you need:

  • 2 kg plums;
  • 1.4 kg of sugar;
  • 0.5 tsp cinnamon;
  • 1 tbsp. l. wine vinegar.

Cooking Methodology:

  • The fruits are washed, peeled and peeled, chopped with a blender or meat grinder.
  • The resulting mass is covered with granulated sugar, left to infuse for 2-3 hours. The mass is mixed with wine vinegar, boiled on medium heat for 10-15 minutes.
  • The workpiece is left to cool, after which it is boiled again. After cooling the jam, it is boiled again for 25-30 minutes.

Boiling jam is poured into glass jars, tightly corked with nylon lids.

How to store the finished product correctly and how long

The canned workpiece is stored in a dark, cool place such as a pantry, basement, cellar. The twist can be stored for no longer than 1 year. Plums without sterilization are sealed with a polyethylene lid, stored in a refrigerator for no more than 1 month.

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