How to grow a good harvest and accelerate the growth of cucumbers in the open field and greenhouse

How to grow a good harvest and accelerate the growth of cucumbers in the open field and greenhouse

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Many vegetable growers are interested in how to grow a good harvest of cucumbers. The yield of this vegetable depends on the conditions in which it is grown. Therefore, it is necessary to create the most suitable conditions for growing cucumbers.

How to get a good harvest of cucumbers in a greenhouse

Some gardeners are engaged in growing cucumbers inside a greenhouse. To get the most out of your indoor bushes, there are some helpful tips to check out.

How to increase the yield of cucumbers in a greenhouse: watering

You can increase the yield of cucumbers in open ground or greenhouses with the help of proper watering. It is necessary to regularly monitor the soil moisture, as this is very important for cucumbers. If it is waterlogged, then over time rot will begin to appear on the cucumbers and the bushes will die from fungal diseases. Overdried soil can also affect the amount of fruit grown. Insufficient moisture reduces yields and leads to gradual drying of plants.

To harvest a large crop of cucumbers in a greenhouse, you should moisten the soil with heated water at a temperature of at least 25 degrees. If you use a liquid with a temperature of less than 18-20 degrees for irrigation, then you will not be able to achieve a good harvest of cucumbers. From cold water, the bushes will begin to hurt with fungal diseases and lose useful components.

Watering is recommended in the evening or before lunch, so that there is no bright sun. During watering, care must be taken to ensure that the liquid does not accidentally fall on the leaves. The liquid between the cucumbers is poured very carefully so as not to accidentally blur the roots that may be on the surface of the earth.

How to increase the yield of cucumbers in the greenhouse: pollination

Timely pollination of cucumbers in a greenhouse will help to get a rich harvest of cucumbers. To do this, you can plant special self-pollinating varieties that do not need artificial pollination. However, some are not even aware of the existence of such varieties of cucumbers.

To increase yields, it is recommended to attract insects to the greenhouse, which could do pollination. To do this, it is not enough just to open a greenhouse for a day, since the attention of insects must be somehow attracted. To do this, in addition to cucumbers, you also need to plant aromatic herbs and other spicy crops.

However, sometimes insects do not pollinate the greenhouse cucumber and you have to do it yourself. To do this, you need to take a well-washed toothbrush, on which you should gently shake off the pollen from the male inflorescences. After that, you must carefully stroke the female peduncles with a brush. By carrying out artificial pollination, you can be sure that you will collect a lot of fruits.

How can you speed up the ripening of cucumbers in the greenhouse: top dressing

In order for cucumber bushes to grow faster in home greenhouses, it is necessary to regularly apply fertilizing. Mineral components in the soil are excellent stimulators of the growth of cucumbers.

During planting of seedlings, holes are fertilized with bird droppings. For this, waste is suitable not only from chickens, but also from pigeons, ducks or turkeys. Dung contains a huge amount of minerals that will help you grow a rich harvest. To prepare such a fertilizing agent, it is necessary to pour the droppings into a small container and fill it with boiled water. The resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed, covered with a lid and infused for 40-45 minutes. To improve the growth of cucumbers, at least a liter of fertilizer must be spent on each bush.

Cucumbers also grow much better in soil fertilized with mineral dressings. Therefore, we stimulate the growth of bushes by adding superphosphate, potassium sulfate or nitroammophoska to the soil.

Regular feeding of the soil not only increases the amount of nutrients in it, but also creates a small organic layer in the soil. Over time, it begins to gradually disintegrate and thanks to this, the bushes absorb more nutrients.

How to increase the yield of cucumbers in the open field

In order for cucumbers to grow faster in the garden, you need to become familiar with how to speed up the growth of cucumbers.

How to get a high yield of cucumbers: seed preparation

It is possible to grow a large harvest of cucumbers only if the highest quality seeds are selected for sowing. For selection of high-quality seed, use a saline solution. In it, all low-quality seeds will float to the surface. They must be disposed of immediately, and all remaining grains must be rinsed with water and dried.

Then it is necessary to disinfect the selected seeds with folk remedies. This can be done by heating the seeds. To do this, all grains should be heated for three hours at a temperature of 50-55 degrees. After that, they are quickly placed in a container with potassium permanganate or boric acid. In such a container, they should be soaked for no longer than half an hour.

You can stimulate the rapid germination of seeds by using one or another growth stimulator. Such stimulants are substances that have been derived from vitamins, algae, fungi, or peat. Before using stimulants, the instructions for their use should be studied, since too high a concentration of the drug can negatively affect the development of seedlings.

How to get a large harvest of cucumbers: mulching

To improve the yield of cucumbers, it is recommended to mulch the soil. Not every vegetable grower knows how to mulch a plot correctly, so you should familiarize yourself with the features of this process in advance.

Many are interested in when it is best to mulch the soil. This should be done a few days after transplanting the seedlings into the garden.

To mulch the fertilized soil, you can use special films or any non-woven materials. You should refuse to use fresh grass, as slugs can multiply in it, due to which the bushes will begin to rot.

Some argue that the best material for mulch is perforated film. When using this material, seedlings are planted in small slots. In summer, perforated film must be used very carefully, as it heats up quickly.

The easiest way to mulch and accelerate the ripening of cucumbers is to use plastic wrap. In this case, it is enough just to cover the planted bushes with a film and make several slots in it. It is recommended to periodically remove the film and weed the area, since polyethylene will improve not only the growth of cucumbers, but also weeds.

How to increase the yield of cucumbers: pinching and garter

Increase yields and get more fruit by pinching bushes. It is known that when growing any vegetables, a large number of stepchildren begin to appear on the bushes. If they are not removed in a timely manner, then they will begin to consume nutrients that are needed for the formation of cucumbers.

It is necessary to deal with the removal of shoots very carefully so as not to accidentally damage the main stem. During pinching, with your left hand you need to carefully pull off the leaves, and with your right hand, cut off the shoots from the stem. With proper pinching, the harvesting of the resulting crop can be started already in the first half of June.

The first procedure for removing stepchildren is carried out when the size of the shoots reaches 5-8 cm. Such stepchildren are better seen and easier to remove than shoots that have appeared quite recently. Do not remove shoots that are longer than 15-20 cm, as this can reduce the yield.

In parallel with pinching, it is necessary to deal with the garter of plants. The garter allows not only to increase the yield, but also to protect the bushes from most diseases that are dangerous for cucumbers. When growing cucumbers in the garden, tying should be done when the bushes grow to 30-40 cm. By this time, there will be enough shoots on the bushes for a garter. At an earlier age, cucumbers should not be tied up, as this can injure young seedlings.

Many gardeners use the horizontal tying method, which is the easiest way to tie bushes. To carry out the garter, supports are placed along the edges of the beds. A wire or rope is pulled between them, to which the cucumbers will be attached. The stems of the plant should be tied to a wire with a soft cloth. It is not worth using threads for fastening, as they can transfer the stems.

The vertical method is used much less frequently, as it is more complex. In this case, you will have to install a U-shaped frame with ropes over the bushes, to which the stems will be attached. The main serious disadvantage of this method is considered to be that such frames will have to be installed near almost every bush.


Almost everyone who grows vegetables dreams of getting an improved and large harvest of cucumbers. At the same time, not everyone knows what to do to improve the harvest and how to increase the yield of cucumbers in the greenhouse. To do this, check out how to speed up the set of cucumbers and harvest a good harvest.

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