Characteristics and description of the Far North tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Far North tomato variety, its yield

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Low-growing tomato Far North, belongs to the early tomato varieties. It is mainly intended for outdoor cultivation. Great for growing in greenhouses.

Description and characteristics

It is not so difficult to grow tomatoes on the site, it is difficult, given the available variety, to make a choice in favor of one or another variety. To simplify the process, many turn to the Internet in search of information.

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety "Far North" contains all the necessary information about the tomato.


  • Bush: standard, undersized.
  • Barrel: strong.
  • Inflorescence: simple.
  • Height: from 40 to 60 cm.
  • Garter: not required.
  • Ripening period: 3 months from the moment of germination.

The central stem stops growing after 6 inflorescences have formed.


  • Shape: round, slightly elongated, sometimes slightly ribbed.
  • Color: red.
  • Size: not large.
  • Number of cameras: 4-6.
  • Weight: from 30 to 100 gr.
  • Transportability: excellent.
  • Taste: usual with sourness.
  • Usage: universal.

Features of growing varieties

The peculiarity of the Far North tomatoes is that they can be grown without sowing seeds for seedlings. The plant is very cold hardy. Therefore, in April, you can plant seeds directly in the ground. Use regular glass jars as cover.

The variety is early, so the first buds may appear in a month. The ovary will form 45-47 days after germination. And the first red tomato can be picked three months after planting. Mass ripening occurs at 93-95 days. 1 m2 up to 8 plants are planted.

The distance between the bushes is from 30 to 40 cm.To obtain a more massive crop, the distance can be increased to 50 cm.

The plant does not require pinching.

All plant care is reduced to watering as needed. And feed at least 1-2 times during the season. Top dressing is carried out 2 weeks after planting in the ground (if the seedling method was used). Then before flowering. You can make 3 top dressing already before the ripening of tomatoes.

In order to collect the maximum yield, summer residents advise:

  1. Carry out a pick (after the appearance of 2 full-fledged sheets).
  2. Grow by seedling method.
  3. Tie up and pinch.

Easily tolerates cold and temperature changes.

It is best to water with lukewarm water after sunset. Mulching the root zone, you can reduce the number of waterings to 2-3 per season. The plant will take the rest of the moisture during the rain.

Harvest volume

The yield of the variety is high. From one plant, you can get up to 1.2 kg of tomato. Abundant fruiting. 1 m2 up to 2 kg of fruit can be harvested. Subject to all the rules and requirements, pinching and garter, one plant can give up to 2.5 kg of yield.

The fruits ripen very amicably, the entire main harvest ends by the end of August.

Disease susceptibility

Tomatoes of this type are valued for their resistance to many diseases. For instance:

  • Top and root rot.
  • Late blight.

Not susceptibility to diseases that affect other varieties, made the "Far North" tomatoes very popular with many summer residents. Early harvest makes it independent of the widespread spread of late blight.


The Far North is great for canning. Many people prefer to prepare salads from it, using tomatoes for making lecho, assorted vegetables, and juices.

Perfectly used fresh. For festive table decorations. The versatility of the fruit is confirmed by summer residents who grow it on their plots.

Suitable for whole canning. The fruits retain their integrity, the internal structure is not destroyed.

The opinion of people involved in the cultivation of tomato crops

The presence of a large amount of information on everything in the world on the Internet makes life easier for a novice gardener. But reviews are most in demand. Reliable information of gardeners about a particular variety becomes an important help. The far north, tomatoes that conquered everyone with their cold resistance.


  • Natalia. Only good impressions. I grew tomatoes and will plant them in the future.
  • Helena. Grown in a greenhouse. Tomatoes were among the first to sing. They will definitely grow more.
  • Maria. He considers the variety to be the best in all respects. Deals with seedlings. Satisfied with everything, the taste, the volume of the harvest, its versatility.
  • Hope. Grows up for 4 years, delighted with everything. They are excellently used in canning. And fresh, in general, is irreplaceable. I liked it very much.
  • Irina. Grows 2 years, calls tomatoes awesome. She believes that she has found her own. All you need is in these tomatoes.
  • Konstantin. We planted several plants on the site. Harvest is less than stated, taste is normal. There are other varieties that are more suitable in all respects. We are not going to plant more.
  • Valeria. Grown in seedlings in order to get early tomatoes. Having landed in the ground in early May, she reaped a rich harvest. Together with my husband, we decided to plant more of these tomatoes next year. The bushes are small, but there are many tomatoes. This conquered them, forcing them to opt for this variety.

The "far north" are those tomatoes that were originally developed for regions where agriculture is unstable and weather conditions are unstable. Its early maturity is perfect for those places where summer passes in a short time. Summer residents, on the other hand, fell in love with this variety for its disease resistance and cold resistance. And also the fact that it perfectly tolerates temperature extremes and rainy summers. Having opted for these tomatoes, few people regretted their decision.

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