The best to feed rabbits for fast growth and weight, TOP 5 stimulants

The best to feed rabbits for fast growth and weight, TOP 5 stimulants

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Not everyone is able to achieve success in breeding rabbits. Even if these animals are unpretentious in terms of food, you need to adhere to specific rules with them. It is important to choose not only a reliable breed, but also the right diet for the animals. In order to get the best result, it is important to know what the rabbits are fed with for fast growth and weight. This will allow you to count on good growth of animals, as well as their early maturity.

How to feed rabbits for fast weight gain

Some owners prefer natural food. Others rely on ready-made mixtures, which contain all the vitamins and essential components that are required for small eared ears and their normal development.

The latter are in demand today among rabbit breeders, since animals after such a meal grow rapidly and gain weight.

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The main thing is that the size of the portions and the frequency of feeding correspond to the condition of the animals, their current weight, age and season.

Juicy feeds are of particular value to animals. It is useful to give succulent feed to animals in winter. This will help them not only gain weight, but also strengthen their immunity against various diseases that can be fatal for individuals.

  1. Vegetable tops and greens. Despite its bitterness, wormwood is very useful for rabbits, and wheatgrass and plantain contain a large amount of moisture. Almost all vegetable tops are suitable. The exception is green tomatoes and potatoes. Solanine acts as a detrimental element here.
  2. Vegetables. Fodder cabbage, young corn, fodder beets are useful for animals.
  3. Cereals. Barley, wheat and oats are the crops that will help rabbits gain weight, quickly achieving the results desired by the owner.
  4. Hay. It is worth harvesting the grass in the first two months of summer, when it is juicy and healthy. The grass is mowed even before the beginning of its flowering. It doesn't take long to dry the hay. Otherwise, it will lose many useful substances and a pleasant aroma.
  5. Branches of trees with foliage. A favorite delicacy of rabbits is young acacia. It is better to refuse elderberry and bird cherry. They provoke bloating and can disrupt the normal functioning of the animal's digestive tract.

Important! Unsuitable plants in the feed can negatively affect the functioning of the digestive tract of animals, as well as lead to death. These include herbs such as datura, sleepy grass, calla marsh. It is also worth giving up celandine, buttercup, milkweed and marigold.

The use of growth stimulants

In order for animals to gain weight in a short time, growth stimulants are used. They have a complex effect on the body, protecting it from viruses and improving the digestibility of food.

The dosage of drugs is determined taking into account the individual characteristics of the animal, as well as its diet.

There are growth stimulants on the market, both foreign and domestic:

  1. "Mikrovitam". The basis of the drug is made up of amino acids that accelerate metabolism and promote the synthesis of nucleic acids to create protein. "Mikrovitam" not only strengthens the immune system, but also makes the fur of rabbits more luxurious.
  2. Fos-Bevit. This growth promoter includes vitamin B and butaphosphamide. It has a complex effect on the animal's body: it strengthens the immune system, promotes accelerated growth and weight gain, and also improves metabolism. Cleans the body of rabbits from toxins and toxins. Controls hemoglobin.
  3. Kalfostonik. The components that make up the drug help to strengthen the immune system and reduce the likelihood of developing diseases. Not only promotes accelerated growth, but also helps the animal to tolerate severe diseases more easily.
  4. "Greencab 700" in capsules. Improves the microflora in the intestines, due to which the digestibility of feed increases significantly. Accordingly, this contributes to the accelerated growth of the animal.
  5. Flavomycin. A feed antibiotic that improves the digestibility of foods and promotes accelerated growth.

Feeding rules

In order for rabbits to gain weight quickly, you must adhere to certain feeding rules:

  1. There is enough feed in the troughs. These animals eat often and a lot. Their stomach muscles are very weak, so food passes into the intestines only after the receipt of new food. Rabbits eat most in the morning and at night.
  2. Clean and fresh water in the drinker. This will make animal feeding more efficient. In the cold season, the water should be heated.
  3. To maintain healthy intestinal motility, it is worth including in the diet foods that contain fiber (about 2/3 of this food from the total diet).
  4. If the diet consists of several types of feed, then first the rabbits are given concentrates, and then juicy feed. The correct sequence of feed distribution will ensure a comfortable digestion process for the animal.
  5. In order to successfully feed rabbits for meat at home, you should not only adhere to the feeding rules, but also choose suitable feed.

Important! In terms of feeding, rabbits are omnivorous, but certain foods should be prohibited. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is worth adhering to the recommendations for feeding such animals.

What not to feed meat breeds

It is highly undesirable for rabbits to be given foods that contain carbohydrates. Sugar, cookies and other sweet treats can lead to obesity, which can negatively affect the quality and taste of meat. Also, do not include rotten grass and moldy silage in the diet. Wheat straw is also not suitable for rabbit feed. An alternative is oat or pea straw.

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