Drawings for creating a house for geese and ducks with your own hands, a pen plan

Drawings for creating a house for geese and ducks with your own hands, a pen plan

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If you want to start keeping and breeding poultry, you need to take care of the construction and equipment of a house for geese and ducks. They will live in the poultry house all year round, so it must be of good quality. Consider how and from what materials you can build a house, what tools will be needed for this, and how to equip a room for winter keeping poultry.

Structural features

Any poultry house, of whatever it is built, should be spacious, warm, dry and light. At the first stage, you need to calculate the area of ​​the premises, based on the number of future livestock. For 1 sq. m. there should be no more than 3 birds of breeds with an average body weight. It is impossible to settle geese or ducks in a close room for them, crowded content leads to diseases.

The poultry house should have windows of sufficient area to illuminate it; for winter lighting, it is necessary to provide lamps that will need to be turned on in the evenings and mornings. Perches, feeders and drinkers should be installed in the house. Equip a ventilation system.

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Next to the poultry house, you need to arrange a pen for walking the bird. Its size should be at least 2 times larger than the duckling or gosling. The corral must be fenced off with a net, put in it a container with water for bathing.

Drawings and plans

The drawing will depend on the size of the poultry house. It is necessary to determine the location of doors, windows, their dimensions, the height of the walls, roofs. Then you need to choose what material the walls, floor, ceiling, roof will be. For the summer keeping of geese and ducks, you can build a house made of wood, for year-round - from bricks or blocks. When buying materials, you need to take them with a margin of about 20%, so that there is enough for construction.

What tools and materials will be needed

To build a house for geese and ducks, you need to stock up on building materials: bricks, blocks, boards, clapboard. Buy sand, gravel and cement for laying the foundation, roofing material for the roof, reinforcing mesh. From tools you will need a shovel, drill, hammer, grinder, saw, nails, screws.

How to make a shed for geese and ducks with your own hands

You can build a house for geese and ducks yourself. A small shed will not require too much construction time and effort. Let's take a look at how to build a lightweight plank house.

Site marking

A place for a poultry house should be chosen near outbuildings, on a site where not only a house, but also a corral can be freely located. It must be positioned so that it can be easily approached.


The depth of the base of the foundation depends on the load of the walls, on the weight of the material from which they will be made. There is no need to build a brick or concrete foundation to support wooden walls. You can put the building on low racks or piles. For racks, you can use steel pipes, they need to be deepened by 35-40 cm and filled with cement mortar for strengthening.

Cover the space under the floor with expanded clay, crushed stone or other fine material.


The walls are built from boards of medium thickness. From the outside, they can be insulated with roofing felt. This will not only make the building warm, but also prevent drafts from forming. Windows and doors can be used old, for example, left after replacement in a residential area.


On the duck house, you can make a gable roof or a gable roof if you plan to store hay or other feed in the attic. You can cover the roof with ondulin, slate, boards covered with roofing felt on top, ceramic tiles. The main thing is that the roof does not leak, does not let the cold through.

Goose poultry equipment in winter

In regions where winters are cold, the issue of heating will need to be resolved. In a warm room, ducks and geese feel good, females rush in winter. The temperature in the house during the cold season should not fall below 10 ° C. For heating, you can use infrared lamps (in a small room), 8-10 sq. m you need to install 1 lamp of 250 watts. The easiest way to heat a house for a large livestock is with radiators or wood-heated stoves.

In addition to heat, the bird will need lighting. They will not rush in a dark room. Daylight hours and in winter should be 10-12 hours. The area of ​​the house should have a 5-watt lighting. Being in a light ducklings or goslings, the birds remain active and productive.

A prerequisite for keeping ducks and geese in winter is the presence of thick warm litter on the floor. Without it, the bird can freeze its legs or catch a cold. The litter layer in the winter months should be at least 15 cm. It is made from dry, clean straw, hay, sawdust. In winter, they do not change it; after pollution, a thin new layer is poured on top. It is important to avoid contamination and excessive wetting of the litter, it must be dry.

Even in winter, geese and ducks need to be walked, of course, on days when the frost is light. Therefore, on the walking area, you need to sprinkle straw, sawdust or peat. And also block the mesh with dense material to protect it from the cold wind. You can not walk the bird only in snowfall and severe frosts.

It is not difficult to build a house for ducks and geese on a private plot. You can adapt an unnecessary utility room for this, and if it is not there, build a house from scratch. For construction, you will need standard materials and tools, and simple knowledge of construction. A properly built poultry house will serve for many years without the need for major repairs. It is possible to grow and breed birds of any kind, not only ducks and geese. You just need to correctly calculate the number of individuals per square meter of area.

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