Characteristics and description of the grandee tomato variety and its yield

Characteristics and description of the grandee tomato variety and its yield

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Tomato is one of the most popular and favorite vegetables among Russians. In almost every household plot, summer residents grow tomatoes, and there are a lot of them. You can grow this vegetable under any climatic conditions by choosing the appropriate variety. Let's take a look at the Nobleman's tomatoes.


It is this variety of tomato that has become popular with many gardeners. It was bred at the Siberian Institute through hybridization. And many people liked it due to such qualities as: high yield, excellent taste, large fruits. Now let's try to describe in more detail how it is grown.

Growing rules

Depending on the climatic regions, tomatoes are recommended to be grown in addition to greenhouses, also in the open field.

This variety has shown itself well when grown in the Far East, in Siberia, because this tomato variety is considered northern and it will have high yields in cold regions.

Basically, sowing seeds is done in moderately compacted soil, and they do it at the end of March. Sprinkle a little with soft soil, then watered and covered with a film on top. When the first shoots appear, the film is removed, thereby allowing the seedlings to harden and the roots to strengthen.

As soon as the seedlings grow up, it will need to be dived, that is, transplanted into another container, planting tomatoes at a distance from each other. If tomatoes are supposed to be planted in open soil, then you should wait for real heat without frost. If you plan to plant in greenhouses, then this can be done earlier. When planting seedlings, a certain distance must be observed. It is better to plant tomatoes in the evening, and, not forgetting to add fertilizer to the holes.

Between the moment of planting and the full ripening of the Velmozha tomato variety, which is also known to gardeners as Budenovka, it takes about 3 months.

Quite large fruits appear on the bushes, some specimens are found weighing even up to 700 grams.

Tomatoes of this variety have a characteristic color and shape. This Siberian tomato variety has a truncated cone shape. Well-ripened tomato nobleman of bright red color.

Characteristics of the variety

The description of the tomato variety nobleman contains many good characteristics that make it possible to grow it in difficult climatic regions.

But before you start growing this vegetable crop, you need to find out what advantages and disadvantages it has.

The Noble tomato has many advantages when compared to other tomatoes. Thanks to this, the nobleman's tomatoes (budenovka) have gained such popularity among our summer residents.

The main advantages of the tomato nobleman:

  1. Easy care. Any summer resident can handle the cultivation of this variety.
  2. High resistance to various diseases that can affect tomatoes.
  3. The likelihood of growing under unfavorable conditions.
  4. Can be planted in unprotected soil.
  5. Ripe fruits never crack.
  6. Tomato Grandee has excellent taste, the pulp is fragrant and tasty.
  7. Great for making tomato juice, pasta and ketchup.
  8. It tolerates transportation very well.
  9. The harvest is maintained for a long time due to the strong skin of the tomato.
  10. With proper care, you can get a high yield.

According to the presented description of the characteristics of the grandee tomato variety, we can conclude that these tomatoes, perhaps the best brainchild of breeders, are not for nothing that they are so popular.

How to increase yields

The Noble tomato variety is known for being disease-resistant. Although these tomatoes have good immunity, when grown in greenhouses, they are likely to contract a disease such as brown spot. To cure infected plants, you must first of all eliminate excess moisture and certainly begin to observe the lighting regime. In addition, summer residents use a folk remedy, for example, a tincture of garlic.

According to the information about the Noble's tomato, it is impossible to know exactly what kind of harvest you can get in a certain region. Although this variety of tomatoes was bred for certain areas, they take root perfectly in the southern regions, giving excellent harvest results.

Suppose, based on the reviews of gardeners, the highest yields of this tomato variety are in the Omsk region, although it is believed that this is a difficult climatic region. But experienced farmers claim that up to 800 centners of fruits are removed from 1 hectare.

In order to increase the yield of tomatoes, you need to pay special attention to mineral fertilizing, because any vegetables are demanding on the presence of fertilizers in the soil. Usually fed after harvest. As fertilizer, wood ash is suitable, which will need to be dug up along with the soil in the fall. Also, during planting of plants, mineral fertilizers must be added to the hole and then during the flowering and ripening period.

In addition, do not forget about the other necessary stages of growing tomatoes:

  • regular watering;
  • loosening the soil;
  • weeding grass.

We all know that in our country, word of mouth is considered the most reliable source of any information. All summer residents - gardeners with great pleasure share their experience on how to grow and get a good harvest of a tomato of the Grandee variety. You can be tricky to grow these large tomatoes with excellent taste. The most experienced gardeners have a secret on this score: they leave 4 flowers on the brush of each plant. And precisely because of this, the fruits grow in large sizes, instead of many small tomatoes.

Now it has become clear which tomatoes need to be grown in their gardens in greenhouse conditions, if you live in an area with unfavorable climatic conditions.

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