Description and characteristics of the Khutoryanka cherry variety, cultivation and care

Description and characteristics of the Khutoryanka cherry variety, cultivation and care

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Many gardeners have already managed to make sure of the advantages of the Khutoryanka cherry variety, which usually occupies the most comfortable place in gardens. Even experienced owners note a number of advantages of the tree, among which fruiting is in the first place - with proper care, it will be possible to get an excellent harvest. In order not to be disappointed, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the main care requirements, strictly follow them.

Description of the variety

Cherry Khutoryanka is a medium-ripening crop, the first fruits ripen in June. In cold regions, it will be possible to harvest later - almost until the end of July.

The description of the variety can include the main features of the culture:

  • frost resistance;
  • fruiting (up to 15 kg per plant);
  • endurance;
  • lack of care requirements;
  • taste of berries.

Fruits are firm, firm, stored for up to 10 days. Transport is well tolerated. It is recommended to use fresh, for preparations, making desserts.

Characteristics of the tree and fruit

The plant is rather short (rarely exceeds 3 m in height). The crown is pyramidal, sometimes, with incorrect pruning, it builds up a broom-shaped shape. The bark is glossy, with age it acquires a slight roughness.

Fruits up to 2 cm in diameter, weight - up to 4 g. The skin is dense, almost black in color. The pulp is lighter and more juicy. The taste is pleasant, sweet, with a slightly sour taste.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Khutoryanka has a lot of advantages - the tree perfectly adapts to difficult climatic conditions, adult plants do not require winter cover, and they easily recover from frost damage.

Productivity, ripening times are also an indisputable advantage. The tree is extremely rarely affected by diseases.

The disadvantages are that the branches grow from the trunk at an acute angle. A bountiful harvest, improper harvesting or pruning cause damage to the tree, the shoots simply do not stand up and are loosened. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to repair damage.

Growing features

Khutoryanka's care is no different from other varieties of cherries. In dry summers, regular watering will have to be carried out using warm liquid. Conduct top dressing from the second year of life, introduce nutrient complexes or rotted organic matter.

Regularly prune, remove thickened branches, shoots that have died from frost or damage. Examine for the presence of pests, the development of diseases, and promptly carry out treatment with insecticides or fungicides.

Cherry Khutoryanka is a plant with many advantages. Many gardeners have already managed to be convinced of this, who are happy to grow a wonderful tree in the garden. Observing the minimum requirements, it will turn out to decorate the site with a lush plant, which will delight you with a harvest of juicy tasty berries.

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