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How to mole

How to mole

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How to reliably carry moles and mice

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Vlad, there is nothing to please you. There is no reliable means to get rid of moles and mice. Each summer resident is faced with this scourge and struggles with them with varying success. Experience has shown the most effective way is to get a cat or a dog accustomed to catching these pests. All other methods bring only a temporary effect. However, it is almost impossible to find such a domestic hunter. Therefore, be prepared that the struggle will be long and difficult. Of the folk methods, the most reliable, but financially and labor-intensive - is to dig along the perimeter of the site to a depth of 70-90 cm. Pieces of tin, linoleum or slate. Use mechanical molehills: traps, self-arrows, noose. The tunnel mole trap well lowers the mole population.

Against mice, with the exception of cats, poisoned baits (coumarin, zinc phosphide) help. Drugs are sold in specialized stores. It should be remembered that such baits can harm not only mice, but also humans. Keep children away from lure locations and strictly follow the drug’s instructions.