Description of the variety of cucumbers Emerald Stream, features of cultivation and care

Description of the variety of cucumbers Emerald Stream, features of cultivation and care

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Among all the variety of varieties of cucumbers presented, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose one that will not only give a good harvest of marketable fruits, but also have excellent taste. The Emerald Stream cucumbers do a great job with all of these tasks. In addition, they can bear fruit both outdoors and indoors, making them a truly versatile variety.

Description of the variety

The Emerald Stream was bred by Moscow breeders, and in 2007 it was included in the State Register. The plant is medium-sized, not branched. Timely pinching of some shoots is very beneficial. The leaves are not very large, they are dark green in color. Their number on the bushes is small, which allows light and air to penetrate unhindered.

Cucumber emerald stream f1 mainly differs from competitors in its fruits. They are cylindrical in shape, and their length can reach half a meter. However, the average length of a cucumber of this variety is 20 centimeters. There are a lot of small bumps on the surface, which makes it possible to conclude that the plant is a hybrid. The skin is very thin and almost imperceptible when eaten.

The description of the variety suggests that the maximum weight of one cucumber in technical maturity can reach 210 grams, but the average is 150 grams. The fruits have a dark green color along the entire length, and even closer to black at the base of the peduncle. The taste is simply excellent, the bitterness is completely absent. When eaten, cucumbers crunch like canned crochets.

Due to their large size, cucumbers are not suitable for whole-fruit preservation. But for fresh food, summer salads and cooking okroshka will fit perfectly. Fruits plucked by small ones can be easily pickled or salted, but it is worth noting that when preserved, taste is lost.

Growing features

This hybrid can be cultivated both in the greenhouse and in the open field. It should be borne in mind that he is very picky about lighting and the lack of light has a bad effect on the growth and development of the plant. The characteristic allows us to classify the Emerald Stream as a shade-tolerant variety, only as a result of a lack of light, the fruits will not have a rich, beautiful color, and the taste will deteriorate significantly.

As far as pollination is concerned, there are no problems here. The plant produces a lot of female flowers, but even so, it does not require artificial pollination. Of course, the help of insects will not be superfluous, but even in the absence of them, the harvest will still turn out to be good. But watering should be regular. Drought resistance of the Emerald Stream is average, therefore it should be irrigated after sunset. After planting, it is better to use water that is settled and heated in the sun for these purposes.

Productivity and ripening time

Growing Emerald Stream cucumbers is not so difficult, they do not cause much trouble. Fruiting occurs already 40 days after the appearance of the first shoots. And after another 10 days, they are already starting to harvest a full harvest.

One bush can produce up to 5 fruits. Such a small number of them is due to their gigantic size. If more of them were formed, then the bush simply could not withstand such a load. Cucumbers are picked when their size reaches 18 cm. Otherwise, they will overripe and lose their taste. Up to 5 kg of crops are harvested from one square meter in the open field, and up to 6 kg in a greenhouse.

Resistance to major diseases and pests

The versatile cucumber variety Emerald Stream, suitable for cultivation both in the open field and in a greenhouse, has shown good resistance to a number of major diseases and pests:

  • cladosporium disease;
  • powdery mildew;
  • aphid;
  • spider mite.

However, root rot can easily kill an entire crop and destroy plantings. To prevent this from happening, and it was possible to please relatives with grown tasty fruits, it is necessary to strictly observe agricultural technology.

Advantages and disadvantages

In conclusion, I would like to say about the positive and negative qualities of the variety. The positive ones include:

  • the ability to get an early harvest, which can be used both to meet your needs and for sale;
  • friendly ripening of fruits;
  • strong fruit aroma;
  • excellent taste and marketability;
  • increased resistance to major diseases;
  • large fruits.

But negative qualities can be considered as follows:

  • unsuitability for conservation;
  • overripe fruits lose their taste and give a strong load on the bush;
  • you need to regularly apply complex fertilizers;
  • in case of waterlogging of the soil, it is affected by root rot.

Cucumbers are grown mainly in seedlings. Only in the southern regions does the climate allow sowing seeds directly into the ground.

From the above, we can conclude that the cucumbers of the Emerald Stream variety, the cultivation of which has its own subtleties, are quite worthy to occupy a place in the garden. Some of the shortcomings are fully compensated by the taste of young cucumbers and their appetizing appearance. Even novice summer residents and gardeners are quite capable of growing such a miracle in themselves and delighting their families with an early harvest.

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