Technical characteristics of the Doyushka milking machine and how to use it

Milking cows by hand is difficult, time consuming and demanding. This is especially difficult when there are many animals in the herd, and everyone needs to be given attention. To help the milkmaid, automatic milking machines have been developed. Let's consider the production characteristics of the Doyushka milking machine, its pros and cons, how it works and its use according to the instructions.

Machine manufacturer

A milking machine named "Doyushka" has been developed and manufactured in the city of Miassa, which is located in the Chelyabinsk region. The enterprise produces milking machines for milking cows, mares, goats, and sheep. There are also spare parts for the units, which can be purchased separately.

The most popular models are Doyushka 1R and Doyushka 1C. There are also produced devices for joint milking of a pair of cows - "Doyushka Tandem" and a version with a can of increased volume - "Doyushka Universal".

How does the device work?

The Doyushka apparatus uses a piston pump; due to its special design, it works more silently than a vacuum one. The pump mechanism produces 64 strokes per minute - the same as the calf does when sucking milk. This keeps the cow calm. A replaceable leather cuff is sealed and the pressure gauge monitors the working pressure.

The four cups, which fit over all teats, have integrated transparent inserts and control the flow of milk from each part of the udder. The well-designed cups fit on the cow's teats quickly and easily, without causing discomfort in the animals.

Milk is poured into a large stainless steel can. It is closed with a lid, it has a handle, on which you can attach equipment for milking. The can stands on a platform with bumpers, which makes it stable. The entire device can be moved, at the bottom of the frame there are built-in wheels (one of them is steering and 2 carriers).

The engine of the Doyushka apparatus is durable, the motor is controlled by a button, it can be used to turn the apparatus on or off.

The principle of operation of the milking machine "Doyushka"

When the device is turned on, the pump starts to work, the piston in it moves up and down. Due to the movement of the piston and the valve supplied on the pump cover, a vacuum is created. When diluted, milk from the nipples is sucked into the glasses, from which it enters the can. When the container is completely full, the device can be turned off.

In order for the Doyushka machine for cows to work properly and for a long time, you need to take care of it: rinse the equipment from milk liquid and lubricate the piston and cylinder every week. You can clean it with special brushes that are included with the unit.

Advantages and disadvantages

Low energy consumption (less than a microwave).

Uncomplicated design, availability of parts make it easy to maintain and repair them.

You can buy spare parts, there is a repair service.

The manufacturer gives a one-year product warranty.

The stainless steel can does not corrode.

There is no pulsator in the design.

The device is light and oversized, a woman is quite capable of handling it.

You can easily move the unit and set it up as it will be convenient.

The device is stable, does not roll over (due to the low center of gravity).

High productivity (5-8 animals can be milked in 1 hour).

Reliable engine that does not overheat.

Moderate cost.

The can has no window, so there is no way to control its filling.

A short cord to which you need to purchase an extension cord.

Despite not very significant shortcomings, the unit is in demand among consumers due to its reliability and quality.


Unit weight - 52 kg, height - 78 cm, length - 1 m, width - 39 cm. The unit is equipped with a 22.6 liter can. "Doyushka" consumes 550 watts, voltage - 220 V. Vacuum pressure - 40-50 kPa, pulsation frequency - 64-74 times per minute. Milk can be obtained from 5-8 cows per hour using the milking machine.

Instructions for use

For safety reasons, the wiring to which the unit is connected must be equipped with a residual current device. Before turning on the Doyushka, you need to make sure that the voltage in the network corresponds to that required for the normal operation of the device.

Before using it, you need to assemble the device. Turn it on, then it should take 3-5 minutes. work it out. If there is no extraneous noise from moving mechanical parts, you need to rinse the milking equipment.

Before starting milking, you need to check the pressure that forms in the installation. If the vacuum level is higher or lower than the recommended one, you need to correct it with the regulating valve located on the milk receiver to the recommended values ​​- 0.04-0.045 MPa.

Before you start milking, you need to wash the udder of the cow, then lightly massage the udder. Place the teat cups on the teats: take the milk receiver with one hand (the nozzles and the splitter should point up, and the cups should point down). With the other hand, place the glasses alternately on the nipples.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

During milking, you need to monitor how the milk flows, this can be easily seen through the transparent elements of the pipes. When milking comes to an end, you need to press the milk receiver to intensify the milking process.

After that, holding the milk receiver, you need to unscrew the pressure regulator to remove the vacuum. Only then can the glasses be removed by removing them one by one from the nipples. The final stage is the treatment of the nipples with disinfectants. After that, you need to hang the equipment on the handle of the installation, then lift the lid covering the can, pour the resulting milk into a separate container and proceed to milking the next animal.

When all the cows have been milked, first rinse the equipment with clean water, then lower it into a container with hot water or with the addition of a disinfectant and turn on the unit. Repeat flushing as many times until the water is clear. Rinse the hoses and the inside of the can.

Every week you need to remove the milk receiver, can, glasses and clean them of milk residues with a brush. After the same period of time, it is necessary to disassemble the pump, lift the leather gasket and lubricate the parts with oil (to improve sealing and reduce friction).

Replace liners once every 4 weeks, especially if they are cracked or damaged. Also monitor the condition of the hose rubber. Store the Doyushka milking installation in a dry place. The Doyushka unit is intended for home use. It facilitates the milking process and is comfortable for both animals and humans. It greatly facilitates the work, it is especially important to use it if the farm contains several animals. Doyushka reduces milking time and makes difficult work easier. If handled with care, the unit can last a long time.

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