Description and characteristics of the Vechernyaya Zarya cherry variety, history and cultivation rules

Description and characteristics of the Vechernyaya Zarya cherry variety, history and cultivation rules

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Planting fruit trees is not a novelty in every garden for a long time. It is difficult for the gardener to select the correct variety that meets all the needs of the family. The Evening Dawn cherries have a good reputation. Despite the fact that the variety is relatively new, many summer residents choose it.

Description of the variety

The Evening Dawn was recognized as a breeding achievement, as the resulting performance was even higher than anticipated.

The variety was bred at the Michurin All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Breeding of Fruit Plants. The authors are:

  • I. G. Tikhonova;
  • L. E. Kursakova;
  • A. V. Kruzhkov.

Growers need to study the variety description in order to understand if it is suitable for growing in a particular region. How to care for him, how to choose the right place and much more. Without this information, there is a possibility of losing the future crop or the plant itself.

Characteristics of the tree and fruit

Cherry Evening dawn grows at an average rate, the height reaches 3-4 m. The crown is not thickened, erect.

The fruits are large and tasty, according to the tasting score of 4.5 points. The color is dark red, the taste is standard sweet and sour.

Cherries ripen early, so they are attacked by birds. Installation of special structures is required to combat the raiders.

The plant's winter hardiness is high, therefore, the popularity of the Evening Dawn increases in regions with severe winters.


The variety is partially self-fertile, therefore, for pollination, it is necessary to plant in the immediate vicinity of the cherry varieties that will help carry out this process.

Any variety of culture will do, the flowering period of which coincides with the Evening Dawn cherry.

Features of planting and care

In order to grow a healthy, fruitful tree, you need to properly plant and care for it. The volume of the harvest from the tree depends on the efforts of the gardener, which, with a favorable outcome, gives 15 kg of fruit.


The term is chosen by the summer resident himself, it is preferable to plant seedlings in early spring or autumn. In the first case, the landing pits are prepared in advance. Backfill soil is mixed with humus and mineral fertilizers.

A support is installed in the center, to which a fragile tree is tied after planting. Then it is watered abundantly and make sure that the earth does not dry out.


After the tree is accepted, you need to carefully monitor its appearance. Control the amount of irrigation water, loosen the tree trunk, mulch, and follow other standard farming practices.

For the first year, you do not need to feed the cherries, since a sufficient amount of fertilizer is applied during planting.

They are loosened after each watering, this allows the roots to receive oxygen and retain moisture in the soil for longer.

The formation of cherries Evening dawn is necessary so that the volume of the harvest does not decrease. Remove excess branches that grow inside the crown.

Sanitary pruning is carried out at any time; diseased, deformed and dry branches are removed from the tree.

Cherry Evening dawn is unpretentious, ripens early and has other positive characteristics, for which gardeners appreciate the variety.

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