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When and how to feed tomatoes

When and how to feed tomatoes

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Hello! I want to plant tomatoes, I don’t have much experience in this, I would like to know who uses which baits and how often and when to feed the tomatoes so as not to spoil them?


Before planting tomato seedlings, the soil should be prepared. It is advisable to do this in the fall, but if you do not have time, then it is possible in the spring. If other vegetable crops grew on this site last year, then it is better to do disinfection, respectively, if the site was empty, then it is not required. In a few weeks and planting, clean the area of ​​vegetable litter, dig up with the addition of humus (compost) on the bayonet of a shovel.

The dose and name of top dressing during the period of ovary and fruit growth depends on soil quality and weather conditions. I will describe an example of possible fertilizers:

  • The first dressing of beds is done 2 weeks after transplanting seedlings: infusion of mullein (1 lit.), Ash (1 tbsp.), Double superphosphate (1.5-2 tbsp. Lounges) - per 10 l of water.
  • Before flowering, the same composition is used, to which 2 g of potassium permanganate is added. Top dressing is carried out under the root.
  • During the appearance of the ovaries, a composition is prepared from infusion of mullein (1 lit.) or green slurry, urea (1 tbsp.), Copper sulfate (0.5 tsp.), Double superphosphate (2 tbsp.) And ash (2 tbsp.) - 10 l of water.

The composition of top dressings helps not only to grow and yield crops, but also prophylactically works against possible diseases. I draw your attention, the composition of the dressings are given conditional. Perhaps you have fertile soil and healthy and strong seedlings. In this case, the quantity of fertilizers, as well as their composition, is reduced to a minimum.