Description of the tomato variety Garden sorcerer, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the tomato variety Garden sorcerer, its characteristics and productivity

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Many gardeners grow tomatoes on their plots. Before starting planting, some have to deal with choosing the most suitable variety for growing. Popular among summer residents is the tomato variety Garden Sorcerer, which attracts attention with its unpretentiousness and high yield.

Characteristics and description of the variety

Before planting the Garden Sorcerer, you should familiarize yourself in detail with its characteristic features that distinguish this tomato from other popular varieties.

Tomatoes are distinguished by tall bushes that grow up to one and a half meters in height. In greenhouses, the height of plants exceeds two meters. The growth rate of the planted bushes and the ripening time are influenced by the quality of fertilizers, the level of lighting and the ambient temperature. If optimal conditions were created during cultivation, the crop will ripen in 30-35 days.

To increase yields, gardeners recommend doing pinching while growing seedlings in order to remove all unnecessary shoots from the bushes that consume nutrients.

The fruits of the Garden Sorcerer are covered with a perfectly smooth red skin. A distinctive feature of this variety is the shape of the fruit, since their tip is slightly pointed. Ripe tomatoes weigh about 100-150 grams, which allows harvesting 5-6 kg of harvest from each bush.

The taste qualities of the Garden Sorcerer distinguish it from other tomato varieties. The pulp of the fruit is sweetish and practically not sour. Delicious winter preserves and fresh salads are made from such tomatoes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every gardener who is going to plant a Garden Sorcerer should familiarize himself with the positive and negative sides of this variety.

The advantages of a tomato include:

  • High productivity. If you grow tomato bushes at the right temperature and a suitable moisture level, you can increase the yield to 10 kg per plant.
  • Taste qualities. The taste qualities of the Garden Sorcerer stand out against the background of most varieties of tomatoes with their juiciness and sweetness.
  • Safety of fruits. At room temperature, the harvested crop is stored for at least a month. At the same time, it does not lose its aroma and taste.

Among the disadvantages, one can single out the fact that tall bushes will have to be tied up regularly. Without strong and reliable supports to which you can tie tomato stems, the plant will begin to break due to the severity of ripe fruits or gusts of wind.

Growing rules

Before planting the Garden Sorcerer on the plot, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations for growing it.

Landing dates

First, you need to determine the optimal time for planting tomatoes. Seed material for growing young seedlings is planted no earlier than February. Residents of the northern regions can postpone planting until early March.

Seedlings are planted at the end of spring, when the soil has completely thawed and warmed up to a temperature of 10-15 degrees. It is impossible to plant tomato seedlings in cold ground, since due to the low temperature, the root will not take root, and the plant will die.

When determining the timing of planting seedlings, attention is paid not only to the temperature of the soil, but also to the seedlings. They must have at least two real sheets of paper.

Seed preparation

Before planting the Garden Sorcerer, they must prepare the seed.

It is no secret that the causative agents of many diseases are on the surface of the seeds. To get rid of them, it is advised to disinfect the seeds. An effective method of disinfecting tomato seeds is considered to be soaking in a solution of manganese. When using this method, all seeds are placed in a container with a manganese solution for half an hour. The treated seed is then removed from the manganese and soaked in plain water for five minutes.

Soil preparation

Tomatoes are demanding on the fertility of the soil and therefore you will have to start fertilizing the area where they will be planted in advance. If there are not enough useful components in the ground, you will have to add humus with compost to it before planting. Also, to increase yields, three glasses of ash, a glass of potassium and two glasses of superphosphate are added to the ground. In order for the soil to better allow moisture and oxygen to pass through, river sand with eggshells and ash is added to it.

Some gardeners water the ground with hot water several times to disinfect the site.


When the site is ready, they begin to plant the seeds of the Garden Sorcerer. First, rows are marked on the site on which the seed will be planted. Then, holes are made on the marked rows at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other. Each well is pre-treated with a manganese solution and watered with warm water to disinfect and destroy pathogens that may be in the ground.

During planting, 3-4 seeds are placed in the holes, which are evenly distributed over the entire area. All sown holes are buried with earth and re-watered.

Care Mode

In order for tomato bushes to bear fruit well, you will have to take proper care of them.

Watering, weeding and loosening

Tomatoes are known to love moisture, and the Garden Sorcerer is no exception. This variety needs moderate daily watering. However, while moistening the soil, you should not waste a lot of water so that the roots do not rot due to high humidity.

After watering, the upper layers of the earth are covered with a dense crust, which blocks the supply of oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly weed the area and loosen the soil.

Top dressing

When feeding tomatoes, do not use chemical fertilizers, as they can impair the yield. Instead, they use organic dressings that will not harm tomato bushes. To increase yields, it is advised to add manure infused with warm water to the ground. To create such a top dressing, three tablespoons of manure are added to a liter of water. Also, the site is fertilized with chicken droppings and ash.

Protection against diseases and pests

To prevent the death of bushes, it is imperative that pests and diseases be prevented. To do this, in the second half of summer, young seedlings are treated with a Bordeaux mixture or a solution made from copper. Spraying with a mixture made from young garlic will also help protect the bushes. To create it, three heads of garlic are crushed in a meat grinder and poured with 5-8 liters of water.

Harvesting and storage

The Garden Sorcerer has a high yield and therefore they are engaged in harvesting fruits several times. For the first time, harvesting is carried out at the end of July, when red tomatoes appear on the bushes. The next time a ripe crop is harvested in 2-3 weeks. Many vegetable growers harvest tomatoes before the first frost.

The harvested tomatoes are stored in the cellar for further storage or preserved for the winter.


The tomato variety Garden Sorcerer is popular among gardeners. To enjoy the delicious fruits of such a tomato, you should familiarize yourself with the features of its planting and growing.

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