Description of the variety tomato Miracle F1 bunch and its characteristics

Tomato Miracle F1 bunch - a hybrid of the popular direction of selection "cherry". Included in the register of the Russian Federation since 2012. Recommended for cultivation in personal subsidiary plots. Reviews about the taste of the fruit are excellent.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Harvest from indeterminate bushes is obtained until autumn. Several dozen fruits are tied in each brush. Small tomatoes are suitable for whole canning and pickling. They are also used fresh and in salads.

Characteristics and description of fruits:

  • weight 10-20 g;
  • red when mature;
  • the tomatoes are round, the skin is smooth, the flesh is dense;
  • from 1 sq. m are collected up to 3.5 kg.

The taste of tomatoes of the Miracle variety is a bunch of sweet, without sourness. It manifests itself especially well at the stage of biological ripeness. From the moment of germination to the first harvest, 90-95 days pass. Clusters ripen alternately, plant growth continues up to 1.7-1.9 m and above.

The hybrid is resistant to major diseases, can be grown in greenhouses and outdoors. Bunches of ripe fruits are easy and convenient to remove, tomatoes do not spoil for a long time and are well stored.

Tall, powerful bushes require maintenance: fertilization, tying the stems and pinching. Like all varieties of "cherry", the bunch of Miracle tomato has a low yield. On sale "cherry tomatoes" are more expensive than traditional varieties.

Planting and forming bushes

It is grown in seedlings. Young plants are transplanted into the ground at the age of 60-65 days. For 1 sq. areas are placed 3-4 units. For a tall hybrid, the Miracle bunch is recommended planting schemes:

  1. Parallel tape.

Plants are planted with an interval of 30 cm from each other in two rows, between the rows they leave 60-70 cm.Two rows of planting will make up a ribbon, between adjacent ribbons - 1 m.

  1. Chess.

Plants in a double-row tape are planted in a checkerboard pattern. The distance between adjacent bushes in a row is 50-60 cm, between rows 75-80 cm. The aisles between two checkerboard ribbons are made 90-100 cm.

Think over one of the trellis systems:

  • a twine is pulled between two supports at a height of 2 m, from which ropes go down to each bush;
  • each bush is tied to its vertical support;
  • mount a metal support from the mesh;

Plants form 1-2 stems. Fruit brushes are laid after 2-3 leaves, growth is stopped in early August by pinching the top. Throughout the season, planting a tomato is fertilized according to the standard scheme, watered, the soil is mulched and loosened.

Beneficial features

Bunch of Miracle tomatoes are harvested at the stage of technical ripeness. Green fruits, set aside for ripening, will not have the characteristic taste. After the onset of biological ripeness, tomatoes crumble from the branches, overripe crops are prone to cracking. Transportation is carried out by placing the tomatoes in plastic containers, carefully closing the lid.

The pulp of the fruit contains:

  • vitamins of groups: A, B, C, D, E, K, provitamin A;
  • essential and fatty (25%) oil;
  • substances: tannin, rutin;
  • organic acids and mineral salts;
  • a set of micro and macro elements.

The best gustatory qualities are possessed by the Miracle bunch tomatoes grown in the open field. The hybrid is resistant to temperature extremes and environmental influences. In cooking, miniature tomatoes serve as an excellent table decoration.

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