Description of the 15 best types of annual flowers to give blooming all summer

Description of the 15 best types of annual flowers to give blooming all summer

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Annual flowers for a cozy summer cottage are a real find. They allow you to change the design of the flower bed every year, and bright colors delight the eye for a whole season. The color scheme allows you to create unique compositions on the site. The main thing is to choose plants in such a way that the period of their flowering stretches from the beginning of warm days to the very first frosts.

Annual flowers for a summer residence

A variety of annuals allows you to admire a flower carpet at the dacha from summer to autumn. Most of these plants are unpretentious and resistant to the vagaries of the weather, but some of them have their own growing characteristics and need additional care.


Low-growing flowers look good on the side of the path, as well as in the foreground of flower beds, flower beds. Varieties and varieties make it possible to arrange pots and even plant them in pots, flowerpots.


Petunia has gained popularity due to its rich color range. Some varieties of this plant have no smell at all, and some are able to fill the entire garden with aroma. The long flowering period makes it possible to admire the flower throughout the season. Not all varieties are capable of seed propagation.

Hybrids do not retain the properties of the parent plant. The most difficult thing for gardeners is to grow seedlings, because petunia can only germinate in an artificially created greenhouse. Violation of temperature, humidity or lack of air leads to seed damping. A beautifully flowering bush with its appearance compensates for all labor and material costs.


A low flower with very decorative qualities and a fairly rich color range. The flowering period is from June to September. You can propagate the plant yourself, using the collected seeds. True, growing seedlings is not so easy, especially for novice gardeners, but it's worth it. Lobelia is suitable for decorating flower beds, borders, and flowerpots.


An elegant plant with white or purple flowers fills the entire summer cottage with its strong aroma. Growing undersized Iberis is very easy. He does not require a lot of attention or increased care. Looks great on alpine slides, emphasizing the texture of the stone, or in compositions. The flowering period begins in May and lasts a couple of months.


One of the most beloved annuals by summer residents. This is not only a worthy flower bed decoration, but also a pest repeller. A long-flowering unpretentious bush that amazes with a variety of shades and allows you to meet the individual needs of everyone. The flowering period begins in June and ends with the onset of cold weather. Such a plant looks great both on a flower bed and on curbs, in flowerpots, flower beds. It is used in both single and group landings.


Medium-sized annuals are used to decorate flower beds and flower beds. They are suitable both for creating unique design compositions on a flower bed, and for cutting.

Salvia (Sage)

An unusual decoration of the garden is also a medicinal plant. The unpretentious bright flower has a rich aroma. It is grown in seedlings. Landing is carried out not only on flower beds, but also along fences, at gates, in small flowerpots.


The unpretentious plant has about 120 varieties, which provides a wide variety of colors. In addition, it has medicinal properties. The flowering period lasts from June to October. The plant does not impose excessive demands on care and planting site, it is used for cutting, it stands in bouquets for a long time.


Magnificent external data, chic colors and unpretentiousness make zinnia a real boon for a summer cottage flower bed. Especially if there is not enough time to leave. With such a flower, the flower bed becomes more elegant and brighter. It is also used for cutting into bouquets. It blooms in mid-July, and blooms with the onset of the first frost. It belongs to dried flowers, therefore it tolerates summer heat and drought well.

Mattiola or levkoy

In ancient times, these flowers adorned the borders in royal gardens, flower terraces of aristocrats and the front gardens of ordinary people. Now the popularity of this plant has increased with renewed vigor, the range of shades has been significantly enriched. Two-horned matthiola is grown not only for decoration, but also to fill the garden with a fabulous aroma. In growing, the flower is not too capricious, but it needs some care.


As a rule, tall flowers are planted in the background of flower beds. They are also a great backdrop for short species and help create the perfect composition.

Mallow or stockrose

Even in ancient times, a bright and unpretentious plant served as an adornment for front gardens. It does not require much attention to itself, it adapts to climatic conditions, and a bright color palette makes it possible to choose shades for every taste. Flowering is long and plentiful, lasts until autumn. Even a novice summer resident can grow mallow.

Datura or dope herb

A tall gramophone flower of various shades brings exotic notes to the design of the flower bed. Large leaves and large inflorescences immediately attract the eye. However, such a gorgeous plant has a drawback: it is highly poisonous, therefore not every grower dares to plant it in his flower bed. If you do not eat parts of the datura, then it will not harm your health, and its beauty will delight the eye for a long time.


The tall flower is used in group plantings. It has small flowers, collected in dense spike-paniculate inflorescences. It is used for cutting and decorating bouquets. In addition to decorative qualities, it is characterized by medicinal and nutritional value. The flower is unpretentious, easily multiplies and does not require increased attention.


A beautiful curly flower will adorn any fence or hedge. Often they are planted as an addition or decoration to a living green wall.

Morning glory

Due to its decorative properties and bright colors, Ipomoea is used by landscape designers in their work. Long vines quickly braid any support. Flowering is long, abundant, begins in June and ends with the onset of the first frost. The plant is unpretentious, does not cause much trouble with care. Most often, pink, blue and purple shades of buds are found, but breeders work tirelessly to breed new species.

Sweet peas (rank)

An unpretentious shade-tolerant flower suitable for growing in any climate. He won the love of summer residents thanks to the variety of shades and a delicate pleasant smell. The flowering period begins in June and ends in November. Used to decorate arches, arbors and fences.


A very beautiful tropical liana is perfect for decorating rabatki, fences, gazebos, verandas. With its help, you can hide unsightly buildings, walls. This garden flower is fast growing, growing and requires minimal maintenance.

Rules for choosing annual flowers

When choosing flowers for a summer cottage, be sure to pay attention to the recommended climatic conditions for growing, plan an approximate landing site. After that, plants are selected according to flowering periods and colors.

It is preferable to plant annuals that bloom all hot summer. Features in the landscape of a particular territory also play an important role.

Things to consider before boarding

Annuals with a short growing season are characterized by unpretentiousness and suitability for cultivation in any climate. Preference should be given to those of them that are capable of pleasing the eye from early summer to autumn.

Plant height also plays an important role. You can not plant tall flowers in the foreground... Front gardens should be designed with the participation of plants of low and medium growth. If the territory is small, then it is not necessary to plant a bush flower there, it is better to create an alpine slide or something similar.

Planting methods

Proven and reliable methods have been developed for growing annuals in their summer cottages, which are used by gardeners.

Planting annuals in the ground

Only those flowers are planted directly into the soil that have sufficient frost resistance and a short growing season. As a rule, their seeds germinate quickly, and the seedlings themselves do not like transplanting. Each variety of the same flower is capable of having a different growing season, therefore, you must definitely pay attention to this when buying planting material. It is possible that some varieties will only need to be grown through seedlings.

Planting through seedlings

Heat-loving flowers with a long growing season are grown in seedlings. When planted in open ground, they will not have time to gain strength and bloom before the onset of cold weather. Sowing dates are individual for each crop. This point must be clarified when buying seeds. The seedlings should tolerate transplanting well and take root quickly.

Care advice

Annuals for summer cottages belong to unpretentious flowers and do not require much attention to themselves, but they will certainly thank them for their minimal care with exuberant flowering. In order for them to please the eye as long as possible, it is necessary to ensure regular irrigation, remove weeds, systematically loosen the soil, cut off faded buds and feed them with organic fertilizers.

It is recommended 2-3 times during the summer season to treat the flower garden from diseases and pests in order to prevent their spread throughout the garden and not to spoil the beauty of your own flower bed. It is advisable for tall plants to install supports so that gusts of wind and heavy rains do not knock them to the ground.

Landscaping design for summer cottages with annual garden flowers

With the help of annuals, summer residents create unique landscape designs on their own plots. By choosing the right plants and their color combinations, you can reproduce a multi-level flower bed in the allotted area, as well as a flower bed of an intricate geometric shape (rhombus, triangle, oval, circle). Live flowering hedges and flower walls look great.

Recently, rock gardens have gained popularity, as well as flowering carpets, pleasing to the eye during the summer season. Mixborders are considered the last word in landscape design. Thus, you can create not only an original landscape, but also fill the garden with fabulous aromas. Annuals decorate ponds and recreation areas in the country, create unforgettable multi-level flower arrangements.

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