Description of Blackberry variety Heaven can wait, growing and harvesting

Description of Blackberry variety Heaven can wait, growing and harvesting

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New varieties of blackberries can surprise with excellent characteristics. They are bred by Russian and foreign breeders. Consider the description of a variety of blackberries. Heaven can wait, its advantages and disadvantages, the technology of growing, care and reproduction. How to protect a plant from infections and pests. When to collect fruits from the bushes and how to properly store them.

Description and characteristics of blackberry Heaven can wait

The variety was obtained quite recently - in 2013, in the USA. The blackberry bush is large, the stems are straight. The height of the stems of a 3-year-old bush is 2.5-3 m. Plants bloom in May, the beginning of fruit collection is in mid-June. Berries of 4-6 g, the same size, black when ripe, shiny.

The bushes give a lot of ovary, the variety is considered fruitful: 10 kg of berries can be harvested from an adult lush bush. The leaves of the plant are arranged in such a way that they cover the berries from the sun, they do not get burned.

We analyze the pros and cons

shoots do not need to be tied up;


powerful shoot growth;

the variety is resistant to anthracnose and rust;


early ripening;


sweet taste of fruits, you can use them for fresh food and for processing;

Blackberries contain many vitamins and antioxidants.

reduced yield if the bushes grow in the shade;

average frost resistance;

fragile inflorescences;

with high humidity and thickening, blackberries suffer from fungal infections;

must be protected from rodents.

Cultivation of culture

For the culture to grow successfully, it needs to find the right location. And plant in accordance with the requirements of agricultural technology.

Location and timing

Blackberry Plot Heaven can wait should be sunny, but not hot or dry, the plant loves moist soil and moist air. You will need a site protected from strong, especially cold winds, because the variety does not differ in frost resistance.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Blackberries love light, soft and fertile soil. Sour soil must be neutralized with lime, and sand must be added to heavy soil.

The seedlings are planted in the spring, after the snow has melted. The right time comes in the fall, a month before the onset of cold weather. If the seedling is grown in a container, it can also be planted in summer, in cool weather.

Preparation and landing

Seedlings of the Heaven variety can wait, with open roots, ready for planting the day before. Cut off the tips of the roots, put the bushes in a bucket with a solution of a root stimulator. The landing pits are pulled out at a distance in a row of 1.2-1.5 m, leaving 2.5 m between the rows. The dimensions of the pits should be 2 times the volume of the blackberry root system. Before planting, drainage is poured into them, a small layer of a mixture of the selected soil with humus and ash.

The sequence of planting bushes Heaven can wait: the seedling is lowered into the hole along the root collar and sprinkled with substrate. Water and lay a layer of fresh mulch on top, which will prevent the soil from drying out quickly.

The best way to plant this blackberry is considered to be a trench, in this case it is more convenient to tie the shoots to a trellis and cover them in autumn.

Further care of the variety

Variety Heaven can wait, grown on a garter (on a trellis or a dense cucumber net), many berries are tied on the shoots, under the weight of which the shoots often break. A garter will help solve this problem.


The variety is considered drought-resistant, but in the heat, as well as during flowering and during the setting of berries, additional watering is required. Blackberries do not like both dry and waterlogged land, therefore, the regime and abundance of irrigation must be taken responsibly.


Bushes of the Heaven variety can wait to form in a horizontal type, since they need to be covered for the winter, and the shoots grow to a considerable length over the summer. Young shoots are pinned to the ground at a height of 0.3-0.4 m.

Pruning of blackberries is carried out every year, while cut out last year's shoots that have already borne fruit, sick, damaged, thickening, which grow inside the bushes. The shoots of the current season, which will replace the old ones, are pinched at the beginning of summer. After that, they will start branching.

Top dressing

The first feeding is done in the second year of the seedlings' life. In the spring they bring in a bucket of humus, 1 kg of ash or a complex of mineral fertilizers. The second feeding is carried out after flowering and the third - in the middle of the period of fruit formation.

Preparing for winter

Due to the average frost resistance of the variety, the blackberry must be covered for the winter. The exception is the southern regions. The best material for shelter is dense agrofibre, which allows shoots and roots to breathe and reliably protects them from cold damage.

Diseases, pests and prevention from them

The strain is definitely resistant to major infections, but preventive spraying will increase its resistance. Bushes and soil are treated in the spring with copper preparations or biologics like "Trichodermina". When symptoms of diseases appear, more powerful agents are used in a therapeutic dose.

Heaven's blackberries can wait to pests. But in order to protect the plants from damage, they are also treated with insecticides prophylactically during the period when insects are intensively multiplying.

Bush propagation

The blackberry of this variety is propagated by rooted shoots: at the beginning of June, young shoots are bent to the ground, in the fall they are transplanted to the site. In the summer, you need to water the rooting zone.

Harvesting and storage rules

The berries are picked when they turn black and shiny, but the flesh remains firm. Store in a cool, not humid, dark place. Placed in small boxes on paper.

Blackberry Heaven can wait - a promising novelty that came from America, but well adapted to Russian conditions. Plants are distinguished by strong growth and excellent taste of berries.

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