Description of the Great Warrior tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Great Warrior tomato variety and its characteristics

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How not to miscalculate and choose the most productive tomato variety? One of these varieties is the Great Warrior tomato. This tomato is unpretentious in cultivation and is suitable for cultivation in closed as well as open areas in the garden.

Description of the tomato Great Warrior

Studying the description of the variety is one of the most important stages in preparing for the start of the summer cottage season.

The Great Warrior tomato variety belongs to the early maturing. From the moment the first shoots appear after sowing the seeds and until the reddening of vegetables, 110 to 115 days pass. Tomatoes of this variety are tall, interdeterminate plants. The height of the bush can reach from 1.5 to 2 meters. Based on this, it is worth noting that plants need a garter to a vertical support. It is also necessary to remove side shoots. To get the maximum yield, the bush of this variety must be formed into 1 or 2 stems.

The main characteristic of a tomato is its ability to grow in unfavorable climatic conditions. Plants tolerate lower temperatures well during the day and night. Suitable for cultivation in northern latitudes. They practically do not develop various diseases.

This variety does not have any specific cultivation characteristics. The Great Warrior tomatoes can be cultivated in the vegetable garden in the beds, in greenhouses, as well as in greenhouses. Tomatoes need regular feeding.

Characteristics of tomato fruits

What are the features of the fruits of this variety?


  • The fruits are very large, the mass of one vegetable can exceed 500 grams;
  • The fruits do not crack, after harvesting the entire crop they can be stored for a long time;
  • Ripe vegetables are very juicy, high in sugar, without sour taste;

  • In one brush, from 4 to 6 tomatoes can be formed;
  • The Great Warrior tomatoes are pink, the shade of the skin and pulp is the same;
  • Near the peduncle there is a strong ribbing and a green spot;
  • Long fruiting period, vegetables can be harvested until the end of August;
  • Stable yield, up to 18 kg of ripe vegetables can be harvested from one adult bush;
  • Versatile use of vegetables in cooking. Ripe vegetables can be eaten fresh, added to salads. They also make delicious tomato juices, sauces and lecho. The only drawback is that tomatoes cannot be rolled into jars as a whole due to their too large size. But you can canned chopped tomatoes.
  • You can plant seedlings on any soil, even infertile.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Great Warrior tomato has a large number of advantages and practically no significant disadvantages.

Description of the merits of the Great Warrior:

  • Rich harvest during the entire fruiting period;
  • Versatility of use for culinary purposes;
  • Fruits do not crack, can be stored for a long time;
  • Bushes tolerate unfavorable weather, are suitable for growing in open ground, even in Siberia;
  • Seedlings can be planted in infertile soils;
  • Rarely get sick with late blight and other diseases of nightshade crops.

Description of disadvantages:

  • The plants are tall;
  • A garter and removal of side shoots is required.

Reviews about the tomato Great Warrior

Reviews about the tomato hybrid from those gardeners who planted it on their site are mostly positive.


Ksenia, 31 years old

“I have been growing tomatoes for several years now. Productivity is always excellent, all summer the plants bear fruit, starting in mid-July. The taste of vegetables is also wonderful, I really like adding fresh tomatoes to salads, they are very sweet. One of my favorite tomato hybrids. "

Vera, 64 years old

“Not a bad tomato. I cannot say that it is very fruitful, but it is possible to collect 3-4 kilograms from a bush per season. I would like to note that the taste of ripe vegetables is really very good. The fruits are suitable for salads and just for eating fresh. I would also like to note that I live in the North, and it can be quite difficult to grow tomatoes here. The Great Warrior is just one of those few hybrids that have taken root in such conditions. "

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