Characteristics and description of the Hurricane tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Hurricane tomato variety, its yield

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Growing a Hurricane tomato does not require special efforts from gardeners - this variety is unpretentious to external conditions, does not need special care, therefore, even novice vegetable growers can grow a Hurricane F1 tomato on their site.

Description and main characteristics

Sometimes these tomatoes are confused with another hybrid variety - Tornado. However, these are two completely different varieties, differing not only in terms of ripening, but also in the shape of the bushes and ripening fruits. This hybrid is the fruit of the work of Russian breeders.

The description of the variety should begin with the main characteristics of the bush. The Hurricane tomato variety belongs to the indeterminate type, so the tops of the shoots will need to be pinched. These early ripening tomatoes ripen in about three months from the moment the first shoots appear. Shoots can reach 1.9 - 2.1 m in height. Lateral shoots develop little. To get high yields, these tomatoes are formed in no more than two shoots.

The amount of foliage on the shoots is slightly below average, the leaves are light emerald, their shape is characteristic of all tomatoes. Usually, the lower foliage is removed as the stems grow. Since the shoots grow tall enough, and the ripening fruits are heavy enough, the stems should be tied up so that they do not break off. Usually, either tapestries or any other supports are used for this. For the correct formation of the crop, extra stepchildren on the bushes should be regularly removed.

The variety belongs to the early ones, so the stems and foliage are usually not affected by late blight, but ripening tomatoes can become infected. The main characteristic of the Hurricane is a high yield and almost simultaneous ripening of tomatoes.

The description will be incomplete without a story about the fruits themselves. The shape of ripening tomatoes is round, slightly flattened, slightly ribbed. The color of ripe tomatoes is bright red. The skin is quite dense, tomatoes are practically not subject to cracking. The weight of tomatoes is about 40 g, in the greenhouse you can get fruits weighing up to 100 g.

Variety yield - from 1 m2 in open beds, up to 10 kg are usually harvested, in a greenhouse - up to 11.5 kg.

The pulp is quite dense, tender, high taste. The presentation of ripe tomatoes is good, tomatoes are well tolerated and shipped over short distances. The tomato variety is recommended for fresh use, conservation, in salads, for tomato juice.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Hurricane F1 include:

  • early amicable ripening of fruits;
  • high resistance of the vegetative mass to late blight;
  • fruits do not crack even in bad weather conditions;
  • the ability to grow a hybrid both outdoors and indoors;
  • excellent presentation;
  • good taste.

The main cons:

  • the need to tie up the stems;
  • seeds of ripe tomatoes are not suitable for subsequent planting;
  • the likelihood of damage to ripening fruits by late blight;
  • stepchildren have to be removed regularly.

Reviews of gardeners about this hybrid should be cited. Most note the high yield of the Hurricane tomato, the excellent presentation and the ability to use the fruits in conservation - when salting and pickling.

The nuances of growing

Planting seeds for seedlings should be carried out taking into account the climatic conditions of specific regions. In the Volga region, planting usually begins in March, and in the middle lane and the Moscow region it is better to sow seeds in early April. After the first seedlings appear, the seedlings should be sprayed with a spray bottle.

After the appearance of 3 - 4 true leaves, the seedlings should be dived into separate peat cups, in which the seedlings are then planted in a permanent place.

Seedlings are fed several times while the bushes are grown at home. For the first time, complex fertilizers are applied at the stage of 1 - 2 permanent leaves. Before picking, you can feed the seedlings with growth stimulants. Two weeks before planting the seedlings, fertilizers are applied to a permanent place again. 5 - 7 days before planting young plants in open ground, they are taken out into fresh air to harden.

Tomatoes are planted in open ground in late May - early June (depending on the region). By this time, tomatoes already have 4 - 5 permanent leaves. Since this hybrid is not very resistant to cold snaps, you have to wait for the spring frosts to pass, and only then plant the seedlings in a permanent place. Seedlings of this variety can be planted in the greenhouse a little earlier. The distance between the bushes should be at least 0.4 m, and between the rows - 0.6 m.

The crop can be harvested from the bushes from early June to mid-August (depending on the timing of planting seedlings in the beds).

Caring for tomatoes in the beds

Newbies are wondering if there are any features of caring for the planted Hurricane tomatoes. Caring for this hybrid almost does not differ from the main agrotechnical measures for the "maintenance" of other varieties of tomatoes.

Hurricane bushes require regular watering with warm water, loosening the soil while removing weeds, and making additional fertilizing. Complex mineral fertilizers should be added to the planting holes directly when planting seedlings. The first feeding is carried out 10-14 days after the seedlings are planted in a permanent place.

During the period of active flowering, tomatoes are fed again. The last feeding is carried out during the period of fruit ripening. Tomatoes love both organic and mineral fertilizers. At the same time, these two types of dressings are not carried out, but alternate.

For those who want to get tomatoes from their site as early as possible, the Hurricane F1 tomato variety will be the best choice.

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