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Why is the goat screaming

Why is the goat screaming

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I decided to buy one goat. She needs less food than a cow, for example. Her milk is very healthy, as it turned out. The first time I hold, but very “screaming”. She quarreled with a neighbor who was tired of the continuous mekan. Now I don’t know what to do: really sell, i.e. all goats are such screamers or is it just some special case. Share do you have goats?


The goat belongs to herd animals, therefore, lonely greatly yearn. Goats constantly bleat if tied to a peg in a new place. If you don’t see your neighbors or from time to time your mistress. There is a solution: buy a goat in the goat’s neighbors. If this is not possible, then visit your “nurse” from time to time, talk with her, stroke. So she will not feel abandoned.