Description and characteristics of Meteor cherry varieties, its advantages and disadvantages

Description and characteristics of Meteor cherry varieties, its advantages and disadvantages

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Among fruit trees, the cherry is in second place after the apple tree. The fruits are not only tasty, but also rich in vitamins. Eaten fresh and canned. Leaves are used for conservation; bark and branches - for medicinal purposes. Sweet varieties are in greatest demand. Among others, Meteor is popular - a hybrid of cherry and sweet cherry, American selection. The variety is self-pollinated.


The Meteor variety has a tree of medium height, with a sparse crown in the form of a flattened ball. The branches are straight and grow upwards. The fruits are large, with a well-separated stone. The stalk is torn off without damaging the berries.

When describing the variety, it should be noted resistance to low temperatures. However, it is not recommended to plant in the northern regions. The hot summer is satisfactorily tolerated. Productivity is high.


Cherry Meteor begins to bear fruit in the third year after planting, if the seedling is grafted.

Ripening time

The Meteor variety is medium late, flowering begins in May. The berries ripen by early August.

Cherry blossom

The berry is red. The pulp is creamy pink, the juice is practically uncolored.

Cherry flavor

The berry is sweet, with a slight sourness. The pulp is soft, moderately juicy.

Fruit size

The berry is large, rounded. The weight of one fruit reaches 4.5 grams.

Crown type

Medium-sized tree with a sparse flat-round crown. The bark of the branches is dark brown. Shoots (growing stem part) straight, growing upward, brown in color.

Winter hardiness

This variety tolerates low temperatures well - up to minus thirty-two degrees. At minus forty, only 37% of the undamaged kidneys remain.

Disease resistance

Good resistance to fungal diseases such as coccomycosis and clotterosporia.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Advantages of the Meteor variety:

  1. High productivity.
  2. Frost resistance.
  3. Harvesting can be done using special machines.

Disadvantages: the color of the pulp is not saturated, light. The drink made from these berries practically does not stain, has a pink tint.

Features of planting and care

Cherry loves a lot of light, does not tolerate cold winds. Therefore, before planting a seedling, it is necessary to choose a sunny place protected from the wind. Sandy soil is favorable for the future tree. If the soil is clay, add a bucket of sand to it. The depth and width of the fossa should be sixty centimeters, upward the hole expands slightly.

Before planting, organic fertilizer must be applied, and the seedling must be immersed in water for three hours.

Taking care of cherries is not difficult at all. In the first month after planting, you need to water the tree not with ice water from a hose, but with settled and heated to daytime street temperature. Water should be abundant, but not often, as the soil dries. After five weeks, fertilizers, humus or peat are applied.

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